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Meta.re - data driven cryptocurrency news aggregator


I'm just starting to test out developing blockchain related projects. My first app is Meta.re and it's crawling the web and aggregating news from various mainstream news sites and dedicated crypto news sites. It tracks keyword as well as news feeds. It then cross analyse the posts with social data from facebook, twitter, linkedin etc to determine which new is going viral or has the most reach amongst the general public (not just crypto hodlers).

For me, it was very important to have a data-driven approach to news reading and see an overall picture of what's affecting the market sentiments. Hopefully you guys find it useful as well :)

My previous project has been VisualCV, a popular resume builder with over 2 million users and one of the top resume apps on Android.

I'm super excited about developing on Steem and I'd love to get any feedback that you may have.


thanks @zthomas, just tried it, what an amazing tool!!!

This really looks interesting thanks for sharing this I’m sure the community will appreciate it upvoted!

Thanks, yah I have lots of ideas for improvements for this app still, appreciate any feedback.