Farming Strategy For Success, Plus Free Farmers and 100% Upvote

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Let's Talk Strategy

The last contest didn't so so well, so I'm going to up the ante a bit. I'm also going to give you some tips on how to play these Farmers to achieve the best results. Its hard to make a big profit from just the free Farmers you are given when you sign up. If you want to make a profit this way, you will need to use your referral link and invite friends. You get 20% of the Farmers that your friends mature. If you take that route, I would recommend you mature your Farmers every few hours. With these games you have to choose between selling Farmers or "maturing" them into producing Farmers. When you are playing for free, you will need to mature all your Farmers for at least a day to get your production up. After you get your production up, you can follow this next strategy

If you want to get a head start, you need to put a little ETH in the game. The default ETH amount to deposit is .01 ETH. You can assume most people do this amount. So to get ahead, I would recommend depositing a little more. I do .05 ETH when I start playing. After you mature your bought Farmers, keep an eye on your sell value. It should slowly climb as you produce more Farmers. When your sell value starts to slow down, its time to get ahead of the pack again. Sell all your Farmers, take 50% profit and buy more Farmers with the other 50%. This keeps your farm ahead of the pack and keeps you profitable. Have a try at it, or come up with your own strategy. Claim your Free Farmers in the links below.

  1. EtherShrimpFarm
  2. EtherCrocsFarm
  3. EtherTrumpFarm
  4. EtherCartel
  5. EtherAntHills
  6. FishFarm
  7. PepeFarmClub
  8. ChickenFarm

After you claim all your free farmers above, just follow these instructions and get your 100% Upvote and a chance at 300 Free Farmers. I will give 300 Free Farmers to 1 random entry. Be sure to sign up with them all because you don't know what kind of Farmers I will be giving away. To Enter:

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Like and Re-Tweet this Tweet
  3. Comment on the TWEET with your ETH address
  4. Upvote and Resteem this post
  5. Comment on this post with your ETH address

Your comments on the tweet and this post will count as 2 entries total!

I will validate the entry and then give you 100% upvote


Thanks for the free farmers links! Going to check this game out)

Done sir,
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All done sir
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Good strategy. Have to push to stay ahead or farming games just move away from you and you fade away

Great sound I hearing from you. Really this is the great opportunity for us. But I have facing a problem, need some diposit for the registration of meta mask. But how? this is rule? if it is primary process then know me, what type of currency needed.

A tremendous strategy An honor for me can be a part of you and your post is very useful for everyone who is connected here @brittuf

What is the most excellent strategy for all of us

Certainly we have a strategy for us to be strong, but we are still afraid to do maybe because of the challenges we get. We know that this is a very great challenge and we will get something very extraordinary will we get later.

We win together

This is a game the best strategy...

I join just now, registered on meta mask but was ask to make some deposits. Will love to have a helping hand on how to go about it.

Can the deposit be made using blocktrades directly because I don't use coinbase or shiftshape

you can use any exchange that trades ETH. just exchange whatever currency you have to BTC and then exchange BTC to ETH

OK thanks , let me go and do that

very wonderful, good luck friendDQmbr7DE1VM7QAURN4T1pS8XTAyrMQggJV1Lc6GqzWGmeEA.gif

Great contest I enjoyed

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How do i play this game

you need an ethereum wallet first. You can get it at

I have on imtoken


@brittuf sir you bring something interesting and unique this is what I like about you.. Thank you sir for shearing with us frame link

you play cryptogaming .
I'm Japanese cryptogaming reseacher!

awesome... join our discord. we may need a japanese speaker in the near future

Wow!I've already joined your link.
You're eth.stocks team!!! I know it!

I helped etheremon meetup in Japan.

Thank you very much for these tips I am looking for information to start playing and this game is seen that promises a lot.

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Nice job thanks for sharing!!