Join the Pixo/Chibi Battle and Get a 100% Upvote

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Move over Chibi Fighters, PixoArena is on the horizon. They have already started selling a limited amount of founders. From what I can try and predict, it seems like they will have a more complex weapons system than Chibis. In fact, Founder Tokens will be trade able for Founder Artifacts so they better be powerful. They will also have a REP system to bring a strategic aspect to battling. There is not much info out yet, but you don't have much longer to claim your Founder Tokens. Drop into their Discord and feel free to ask any questions

Get 100% Upvote

I'm gonna give you guys an easy one. I have to put a cap on it though when its easy, so here is how to get Up to a 100% Upvote:

  1. Join PixoArena's Discord
  2. Like and RT this Tweet
  3. Upvote and ReSteem this post
  4. Comment this post with your Discord Username

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Thanks @brittuf.
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Always a new and improved version of popular games like Chibi. It will be fun to see if it is indeed improved...or just new ;)

That's a great review,,Thanks for sharing..
I am a new user,,So suggest me..@brittuf

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well the post looks cool and good but is it true that we are gonna get a 100 % upvote. if so then great

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