Tips and Tricks: Get a 100% Upvote and Free ETH Farmers

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ETH Farming Strategy for Advanced Players

I wanted to share another Farming tip with you before this week. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure some big things will be going on @ EtherStocks . So while we wait, lets get some farming done. Check my last few posts if you don't know how these farming games work. This strategy is for everyone that is playing multiple farming games at once. Every 6-8 hours I take 50% profit and rebuy farmers with 50% of my farmers worth. I describe this method in my last post . When I use this strategy, I do it with all of the farming games at the same time. This way I can check in and see what games are stalling profit wise. If they are stalling, I mature all the farmers instead of taking any profit. For the ones that are still making good profit, I do the 50/50. You can gauge this decision better when you have a bunch to compare with. This also saves you in gas, because at the end of the day you can lose money just with gas on these games if your not careful. Here are a list of farms for you:

Claim your Free Farmers in the links below.

  1. EtherShrimpFarm
  2. EtherCrocsFarm
  3. EtherTrumpFarm
  4. EtherCartel
  5. EtherAntHills
  6. FishFarm
  7. PepeFarmClub
  8. ChickenFarm

After you claim all your free farmers above, just follow these instructions and get your 100% Upvote and a chance at 300 Free Farmers. I will give 300 Free Farmers to 1 random entry. Be sure to sign up with them all because you don't know what kind of Farmers I will be giving away. To Enter:

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Like and Re-Tweet this Tweet
  3. Comment on the TWEET with your ETH address
  4. Upvote and Resteem this post
  5. Comment on this post with your ETH address

Your comments on the tweet and this post will count as 2 entries total!

I will validate the entry and then give you an 100% upvote


All done


Done sir


All Done sir,,,
MY Twitter id is :

My ether wallet is : 0x2d33ca81290bC1aff1E149832E40E7F19eD3C691


done sir.....




All done ✅ @brittuf check @vjwale on twitter

Done ...
My twitter account :
My ETH wallet : 0x2b715577dC55F2Cf2494BD658e0AD78E1869a858

Twitter Account:
Ethereum Address: 0x34fbfE141F248759067e6264EA4a91af2dEE7B7D



All done sir.

Thank you

All Done sir,,,
MY Twitter id is :

My ether wallet is : 0x2d33ca81290bC1aff1E149865E40E7F19eD3C685

Really good.
Tasks are all done.


done sir.

eth address: 0xEC720828098970458dC72554E8F96489548c0c36

done sir...



Great Post 🙂

Check out @cryptobabes 👈


Wow great post about cryptogaming........nice post

Thank you so much for your great post @brittuf

When planting trees will pick fruit and leaves, when planting money will pluck a lot of money for sure. Let's do it ... !!!

Tips and Tricks: Get a 100% Upvote and Free ETH Farmers. This post has been resteemed by the @resteemmuse.

great contest

ETH Address: 0x72CBa29Da604E63CAbBc5Ca194edAB9E7F417fC2

For some reason I can't download Meta Mask, it is just blocked from downloading.

I tried your Ether Shrimp Farm link, but I am unable to get Free Shrimp. Something wrong?

you have to have an ethereum wallet

My Twitter id - @gajananpalav
My ETH Address-

Done all necessary steps.

Sure, watched the video and created Metamask Account. It shows ETH wallet, but when I try to get free farmers it opens Metamask and shows insufficient funds.

you need a little bit of eth in there to send the transaction

Seems very interesting

tipuvote! :)

Awesome another way to make some extra $!

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Keep it up and mind developing your performance day by day.I appreciate your post and i will wait for your next post.
I agree with you sir @Etherstocks.
Upvote done..

Coming in as a complete noob who randomly stumbled on this post...Do you play these games to get more ETH? and your posts are like a strategy so to speak?

Anyone can give me the basics in a nutshell?

Wow great post
I like it your post

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