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Here are 2 crypto kitties I made for a Steemit user after my recent kitty giveaway. They were commissioned by @soyo and are officially first ever toy I sold using the cryptocurrency Steem! Most of you are probably more advanced at this area and were buying stuff for bitcoins and other currencies but it is still new to me. It is the future, and I am now part of it :) If you want one for yourself, I decided, I will make few more, up to 10 pieces ( after that it will be too boring and I prefer to do new projects ) my price is 30 Steem for piece including shipping and all the profits from this edition will go to Power Up my account. You can contact me on Steemit chat, I will paint it based on your selected design.

This is no.2 Soyo wanted them in 2 solid colors, blue and yellow, and here they are.

They are now flying to South Korea to their new owner. They look even cuter in real life. Here is a little reminder of cat no.1, my little prototype which was delivered to the winner of my giveaway, you can read about making of it just a few posts before here on my blog. It was won by @pharesim and on his request sent as a surprise to @nelyp

They are all signed with my name on the bottom, in case I will someday become world famous sculptor hehe :) they may increase their value. Can you imagine if you could sell it for more than Genesis Kitty???? I know, I can't imagine that neither :) I can only promise, that I will never stop creating and will do whatever I can to improve as an artist and one day come with something groundbreaking. Then, this will be part of my origins story ;) thank you for everybody here who helped to spread the news about my work, comments and resteems. This would not be happening without you and this platform. The future is looking bright and looking forward for new and exciting projects. Stay tuned and thank you!


The surface is smooth and the color finish is good.
It is a very well made sculpture.
Guys also recommend purchasing.

awesome sculptures. Do you have posts about how you made them ?

I just came back from cryptokitty's site, actually.

Remembered I'd promised my friend one for her birthday, but she never got around to setting up a MetaMask account...

So I went and bought a little Antlered kitty for her... I'm going to tease her with a photo of it till she succumbs and installs MetaMask. muhahaha


Very nice colors, it is a pity he looks sad. Sad kitty :) Yes, I made post how it is made, but I see you already found it :)

it is a pity isn't it... I set him to breeding (he should be happier now XD), to try and get a cross with antlers AND a smile XD

After humans, mountain lions have the largest range of any mammal in the Western Hemisphere.

Cool fact, crypto version will exceed this range dramaticaly ;)

Cats hate the water because their fur does not insulate well when it’s wet. The Turkish Van, however, is one cat that likes swimming. Bred in central Asia, its coat has a unique texture that makes it water resistant.

This one loves a water, especially when the dust covers its surface ;) 3 layers of clear coat should make the paint water resistant :)

The cat's footpads absorb the shocks of the landing when the cat jumps.

I would not recommend testing it with the figurines, they are hollow and may crack :) ( How long can I converse with this bot :)

Aw wow!
They look amazingly accurate

Thank you, accuracy is my goal every time I sculpt something.

Hola me encantan esos kitty!

Any plans on publishing the model for 3D printing ? Maybe after you got bored? :)

Yes, it is possible I will do it but first have plans for few things around it. I checked your page. Congratulations on printing Inmove. I watched the development of this robot since the beginning but never had the courage and budget to try this huge project. I did print BB-8 so I see how time-consuming it is.

BB-8 is on my wish list :) the problem is the list so long...

hehe, I know this pain. I just started printing bb9e and r2d2, walle, mo and few other on the list :)

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