What people do exactly?

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Basically people what do exactly I will tell you

When any market in the when market in growing as well as at pick point they think market further grow📈 they entered into market some of them get some portion of profit they exist out of market but reaming major community are goes in greediness they loose their Profit and holding their portfolio get unnecessary pannic even they has to options to loose some part of portfolio liquidate but some people do reaming continue with pannic

Now the situation when market in correction or manuplated by big 🐋 whales

People doesn't when market is manuplated by whales i need not trade even single rupee.
In that time what we see in the market it not natural its all planned to how cut the small player to out of market create monopoly.

What people they get loss says
" Sir Market kuch dum nahi hai , market dead "

Thise type of thinking is wrong

After all its market it will goes up and up 📈
It will fall also📉

Decision is yours when take entry📊 when take exit.

Thank you