Truth about cryptocurrency war

in #cryptowar2 years ago

Who will going to win the CRYPTO WAR?

You will surely rock at the beginning then keep moving like a roller coaster. Sometimes you've made a bad decisionssoar high, feel freeze or hit the rock bottom. The very first day you've learned about the crypto world is the day that you've decided to take the risk, to either win or lose while holding your hope that someday, your chosen crypto will rise among the others. So please make sure to risk what you can afford to lose. A few months or even years have past, and you've witnessed everything, you've heard almost what every experts says and what their predictions are.


At this month you've seen how the Bitcoin plunged into its half crest, but your chosen crypto still plummeted at its rock bottom, then you wonder why this happen, because you don't see any reason for this to happen. Then you begin to ask yourself like "what if my crypto vanished instantly in a glimpse of an eye?" "would the crypto itself and its owner would also lose their everything if that happen?". The answer is of course they will not and they will never lose everything, but they will get everything from each holder of that crypto instead. Like those de-listed crypto in the market, after getting lots of crypto holders, they shut it down without a trace, leaving you an empty hand. I knew that many of us are just waiting for the right moment, but when? Do our patience and calmness has something to do with it? No one can say that the crypto world is just like a game and don't take it so seriously, remember that we are in a different situations and the real money, time and effort is involve. So each right decision is crucial. We all knew that everything is just a show and almost all of the other crypto are going to submerge then gradually vanish one by one. At the end of the day the only crypto who can win is just always the mother crypto and some of those other parent crypto in the market.


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