What do you do ????

in #ctplast year

When you get snowed in and the corona virus has most places you would go closed?

The answer is simple get some work done!

Do an extra blog post or two.

See what is a good deal on Steem engine.

In other words it is a great time to work on Steem

Make sure powered up your Steem and make sure you have voted for the witnesses.

If you have ctp miners make sure you have them staked so will earn ctp tokens.

If you are working on the free faucets make sure you lain them.

Then when you are done that curl up with your better half and watch a movie.

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That's so funny, I just wrote a super similar post.

I wonder how many more of these suggestions we will see today.

Mine talked about how we don't need to leave the house and we are encouraged not to, so let's NOT!

LOL Great minds think alike.

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PS. dblog token will be doing some airdrops soon, and that token price has been dropping (even though I've been buying) might be worth taking a look. Or maybe you already have a bunch since I see you used the tag.

And Marlians, I like me some marlians. I have over 60,000 staked.

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wtg to go on the Marlians staked you are way ahead of me. Dblog I have only around 400 stake so far. Coins I have staked are over 25,000 ctp , 205 ctpm , 1,000,000 epic tokens, and 502 SteemPower Investments tokens and over 215,000 sports tokens and I am sure I have missed a few
Not sure if I have enough Dblog tokens to get the air drop or not

The dblog token airdrop will be for those who have over 7500 coins AND for those who ask for the airdrop. Seems like if you just ask, you will receive.

I am an SPI member too :) Working my way to 500.

I have some sports and some CTP too but not too many. I staked all the airdrops that I got so I have a bunch of random tokens. Sometimes when I am writing I look for specific tags to use.

I am working on getting to the top 100 of every tribe that I use. It is easy with most tribes, although steemleo seems like a far off dream.

I do occasionally sell some of my tokens but for the most part I just stack.

It makes good sense and yes great minds think alike. Not sure how many more we will see today maybe I will do another one Sunday or Monday Have a great weekend and thank you for commenting on my post

It was a great post with good suggestions. I had to comment :)

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