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I was brainstorming ideas for an autoresponder series and thought maybe a "writing tips" series could be valuable. I could write once or twice a week about a concept in good writing--not marketing or persuasion but the mechanics of good writing. I want the community to let me know if you think that is something prospects would value.

Thanks for your feedback.


That's a good idea, Kim! I think that would be super helpful!

Well I can give an idea of my email series so far as I'm still learning..
I started with a few emails welcoming my subscribers and telling a bit of my story and my start of my affiliate marketing journey. Then added the already done series provided on CTP training. I try to broadcast some things about my journey like when CTP added the Unicorn Oasis and Firepay and edited them and added them to the email series. The best tip I can give to you is repurposing your blog posts and adapt them to the email series and in a few days you already have a series for a month or more!
Speaking of Unicorn Oasis, hope you already subscribed to the ones that are inside, including me, and then you can read them as examples and inspiration for your own!
Hope this helps :)

Repurposing is good. I know I have taken my writing from old, dead content platforms and rewritten it for newer platforms before.

Go for it, Kimberly! Writing tips are useful in so many ways... For email creation, for content creation at blogs, for branding...

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