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I am calmly doing what needs to be done. After taking my daughter to work, I went to a store across the street. They specialize in overstocks and seconds. I picked up some things to boost my already adequate shutdown supplies:

Chocolate, coffee, and books are my essentials any time

When I picked up a family member's prescription at the local pharmacy/grocery I went past the Starbucks kiosk and saw 2 workers, 0 customers. I bought 2 chocolate croissants and said I would heat them at home. They left them packaged for me. Now I am home, hands washed, eating a croissant.

No panic. Be smart. Love your neighbors.

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Well, now I am fighting off panic. More restrictions from the governor. As an American, I have a healthy distrust of government--all government. I am terrified of martial law and that we will never regain our freedoms after the disease has run its course. Once government gets big, it never returns to its previous size. History shows that.

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