How Much Is My Cub Finance LP Worth? 🚀

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CUB Finance finally made it to CMC! yay! ​🥳​​🧮​

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DEC Crushing It!

DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) are the best way to transfer assets to the Binance Smart Chain with HIVE!
dec-crushing-it.png Looks Like Dark Energy Crystals are the way to go on!

Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 8.17.55 AM.png CUB Bull Trap!

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DEC Dark Energy Crystals are the best way to transfer assets to the Binance Smart Chain with HIVE!

I really love using Splinterlands, it sure makes transferring my DEC to CUB Finance a breeze!
I especially love using the keychain part too! Everything is right here in one place, my new splinter-hub! DEC to the moon! - @coininstant

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Now Splinterlands shows you the breakdown of your DEC holdings across multiple chains! WOW!!

Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 7.25.15 AM.png Looks like I gotta spread some DEC into all these ecosystems too, Tron, Etrhereum??

Nice helpful tool tips too on!

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How to view Your Staking Details on

In order to view the breakdown of your Cubdefi Staking, simply log onto & input your own public BNB Smart Chain deposit Address, with this particular MasterChef (filtering) address below: "0x227e79C83065edB8B954848c46ca50b96CB33E16"
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Green LP Days are here again at

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Saludos @coininstant, interesante punto tendré que ponerme al día con esto… Gracias por el aporte.

Hello @coininstant. I'm having trouble connecting my metamask wallet to cub finance. I have BLEO and want to change them but when I click connect nothing happens. Also when I go to the exchange page it is blank.

It only works in the google chrome web browser to connect the metamask.
Here is an article I followed to set it up.