Cuban plane crashes: More than 100 passengers killed

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A plane carrying more than 100 passengers in Cuban capital Havana collapsed and many casualties occurred.

The plane crashed into a field within a short time after flying from Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, according to the plane Journey Observatory website.The plane had 104 passengers and five Mexican cabin crew.Local media said that only three survivors were living. But with serious injuriesBlack washing coil flows near the city's main international airport.The plane, which was operating on an internal route, was heading to Olgin town in the eastern part of the country.The Cuban state-run airline was using the aircraft from a Mexican company.

Busy rescue workers are working at the accident site.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz Kennel visited the venue.He told local media, "An unfortunate accident has happened, it seems that the number of dead is very big, which is not a good news"According to the study of aviation, the last year was the safest year in private passenger aviation.But in just five months this year many big airplanes have become accidental. Last month, 250 people died in a military plane crash in Algeria.

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