What is Cultist and how it affects the community

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Cultist can also be secret cuit ,it can also be explaned as an enclosed organized association the same course. Started Started in high school in high school, University Cultist force female students to act lesbian film, the Nigeria army in enugu has paraded 21 enugu state university of science and technology some female student to have stuff among themselves.
The students most of who confessed to being cultists told journalists that they took video shots of the lesbian act because they had been offered money by some influential Nigerian
Why people join cultism :most of them Join secret cuit just to have power and feel among others in the society, other join to have money, other join just to overpower other.
How it affects the community :the community has been affected badly by cultism, when there is conflict among secret cuit the community get affected, loss of lives, properties are been stolen, cultism is a bad society and need to be stopped so not to lead the young one