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India always wonder me, when am thinking of its culture. The roots of Indian culture runs very steep. Though there were many storms and threats in the name of invasion of foreign culture, the Indian cultural tree stands strong and cannot be uprooted.

I admire Indian marriages which illustrates lots of cultural aspects. There are many many enjoyments in Indian marriages which runs up to a week. When kith and kin are joined together there is no limit for fun. In many Indian marriages. In many Indian marriages fire stands as a testimony of uniting the couple.

In exploring the ancient culture of India knowing about its civilization is vital. It is mind blowing when I came to know about vaigai valley civilization.


In Tamilnadu, a state in India, in the banks of river vaigai a great civilization flourished. the Indian excavation team found several archaeological insights in keezhadi which is dated between 5th century BCE and 3rd century CE. The team found various structures and artifacts which includes brick walls, roof tile, pottery, mimic accessories, skeletal tools, etc, the importance is given to the sewage system. many ring wells have been found as well. these discoveries tell how knowledgeable and ancient Indian culture is.


The next thing which impress me towards Indian culture is the respect towards women. Indian women are known for their chastity and modesty. she stands as a centre of the family and builds home with her love.

I remember kannagi who burnt the Madurai city with her chastity, such powerful in her chastity that her words came true when the king pandya's soldier murdered her husband kovalan for the wrong-charge of stealing queen's anklet.


It is important to every Indian citizen to safeguard Indian culture.

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