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I consider Marilyn Monroe the diva par excellence of Hollywood cinema, but also a kind of victim sacrificed to the world of show business and fame. Her life, so full of mistreatment as a child or young person and of blunders as an adult, seems to be the other face of her brightness in the world of spectacular success. Like all human beings, her life was full of contradictions, perhaps her true aspiration was not public success but the simple happiness of shared life. The poet Ernesto Cardenal (one of the most recognized in Latin America in the s. XX) wrote a beautiful poem entitled "Prayer for Marilyn Monroe", which he says at the end (copy with your permission):

The movie ends without the final kiss.
They found her dead in her bed, her hand on the phone.
And the detectives did not know who she was calling.
It was
like someone who dials the only friendly voice she knows
simply to hear the voice of a recording saying: WRONG NUMBER
Or like someone who, wounded by gangsters,
reaches for a disconnected phone.

no matter who it was she tried to call
but couldn’t (and perhaps it was no one
or Someone whose number is not in the Los Angeles phonebook)
You answer the call!

Thanks for your excellent post, @ladyrebecca.


Very interesting poem, thanks for sharing as it offers an interesting perspective for the readers.

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