Introducton Basic Cultures Of Bangladesh

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The Culture of Bangladesh alludes to the lifestyle of the general population of Bangladesh. It has developed throughout the hundreds of years and envelops the social assorted variety of a few social gatherings of Bangladesh. The Bengal Renaissance of the nineteenth and mid twentieth hundreds of years, noted Bengali journalists, holy people, creators, researchers, analysts, scholars, music authors, painters, and producers have assumed a critical job in the improvement of Bengali culture.


The Bengal Renaissance contained the seeds of an incipient political Indian patriotism and was the antecedent from numerous points of view to current Indian aesthetic and social articulation. The way of life of Bangladesh is composite and throughout the hundreds of years has acclimatized impacts of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. It is showed in different structures, including music, move, and dramatization; workmanship and art; old stories and folktale; dialects and writing; logic and religion;


I am a Pakistani and I can't tell how sorry and ashamed I feel for what we did with Bangladesh. Wish, we could be back together. Wish, we could be back as brothers again.
I love Bangladesh and I respect it.

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