📷The ancient past of Kuban: from the bronze age to the middle ages

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Krasnodar region is considered one of the unique regions of the country in the number and variety of archaeological sites. Today I will share with you photos from the exhibition, which is devoted to the ancient past of Kuban and tells about a huge period in history from the bronze age to the middle ages (IV Millennium BC – XIV century ad).

Note on Greek amphora of red clay, which they are all different. There are amphorae from Sinop city of the island of Ikos, belonging to the IV century BC, I Think such exhibits meanders, deposited on the neck of these magnificent amphora will be of interest to you.

They were transported in the holds of ships in special stands, so that in the storm they could not break. In the photo you will see a picture showing how it looked in reality. In those days, Athenian merchants delivered in such amphorae and Pharos wine to Bosporus, and from there it was on such ships and went up the river Kuban to meots.

The following items, Dating back to IV–III centuries BC represent the male terracotta figure, however, without a head (6), and the head of the statues of the goddess Demeter (7), and the bold figure of Dionysus, the III–I centuries BC (8).

In the photo below are: guttus - a vessel made of bright clay, who served in ancient times to dispense liquid drop by drop (III–I Millennium BC) (1) and a unique lagynos — a vessel in which was kept scented oil (2).

I was attracted and Lutheran with plum and handles of red clay, belonging to the IV century BC (4). In ancient times, such Lutherans served as a washbasin. And water spend a little and the body keep clean.

There were a lot of unique things and exhibits. I will gradually introduce you to these interesting items from the past centuries. Have a nice time and good mood.


Beautiful artwork. We use clay for making pots.

We met there the most unique creations of pottery. It appears in the 1st century BC pottery masters have done amazing things.

Какие все же у амфор совершенные формы! Античность прекрасна))

Да! но это на ценителя! Многие сегодня уже по музеям не ходят.


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