An old lady and the old house

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While walking around the alley of Seoul city, I found an old traditional house. There was only one traditional house left in that alley. So I interested in that house. I had taken the pictures for a while.

I needed to use wide angle. The alley was too narrow to take a whole wide scene of the house.

Entrance and Wall

White wall was tiled. The original wall was made by yellow soil and covered by white soil. They had used white tiles to preserve original feeling.

Ornament was interesting. It symbolized the entrance of the Palace.

The other side of the house was almost ruined.

While I was taking the photos, the door was opened and one small old lady asked what you were doing. So I excused for her to take the pictures inside of her house.

This house had been built 70 years ago according to the old lady.

She told me that she have lived in this house 50 years.

Now I am going to 70 years history of house.



그렇겠지요 ?

전통 한옥이 아니고 그냥 낡는 집이네요
한옥와 양옥을 혼합한 혼혈주택이네요

저도한국에관심이많아요. 발리사람인데, 한국이좋아서한국말도공부시작했어요.

Thank you so much

Nice story telling and shots ! Enjoyed it

Thank you so much

Beautiful....Can you (or anyone) tell me anything about this? The official narative is it was build as a hotel (1800's). I believe there's more to the story. It's too small. It sits on a mountain top in reading Pa (Mount Penn). Any thoughts?

(Beautiful and Oddly out of Place)

Where is this hotel ?

Reading, Pennsylvania. The whole story is suspect. The whole city is, actually. It's now a tourist center. It claims it was built as a hotel...yet displays a story about a "monk named Happy", and a vineyard. The Berks County Historical Society is no help either. (I love mysterious things).

It's interesting to travel with you @slowwalker! A little gift for you from Ukraine!

Thank you for your gift

I very appreciate your support!!@slowwalker!

The house is really very old, the picture is very nice, Weldon

Your welcome

Those pictures showed a contrast between the old and the new which I think is typical of Seoul city, judging from your posts.

It was so sad to see the older part of the traditional house falling into ruin and the symbol on the door made it seem even more sad...the entrance of the temple.

I would like to know the history of the house too - you always show a keen interest in the things around you, @slowwalker, and that makes your posts fascinating to read

Thank you so much

you're very welcome, my friend :)

Very nice house , resteemed !

Oh my god! I love the Insignia on the door!!

Whoever decided to keep this home intact and not destroyed for commerce, I tip my hat to.

I too would be honored to visit her home and break bread. You have received a great privilege and gift.

Thank you for sharing your experience! :D

You're welcome :).

I look forward to seeing more adventures!

The juxtaposition of old and new. Sums up our emerging society.

Thank you @slowwalker! The door ornaments are very interesting. Also interesting is how one side has been preserved, and the other has not. You have a good eye for photography as well, nice captures!!

Thank you so much
I was interested in that contrast

it is nice you could connect with the old lady too -- the pictures are from another world and stimulate curiosity in me

such interesting story

Thank for your sharing. Old houses are evidences of history. Hope so that they will be protected well to next generation can feel what happened in the past ^^

Nice photos slowwalker! Its nice to see old traditional architecture and the old fashioned front doors.

A beautiful picture of a house with a number 27

My house, the palace for me

Very nice picture, the house really picked me enve though it's very old and looks inconvenient to live.

Wonderful house! Is that the old lady you talked to (on the last picture)? Should have asked for a selfie with her! :p

Wow, what an awesome story and some amazing pics of the house. Thanks for sharing!

Great story,shame about the old house though

Great post, love it!

Wow it looks like the house has been through a lot but the door looks awesome!

Eventhough there are new buildings around the house she did not change the status of the house.She must have loved the way it looks.

Exactly right
Next time I will write about that

I wonder how old houses fit into the architecture of a modern city!

50!!! Years! Wow! Beautiful
Impossible for a butterfly like me.
Maybe next life

저 할머니처럼 한 집에 오래사시면 절대 그 집을 못떠날 것 같네요.
좋은 글 감사합니다.


Old houses are part of history. It's always interesting to find out what once was the traditional home in different countries.

You are right.
I like to find old ones

That's so cool! I love the door, great steem!🌺

I discovered old Seul with you )

Beautiful front side and so ruined back side! Amazing...

Old is gold. Maybe she loves that.

Nice ornament, i like the ornament.

very interesting architecture!!! ... its nice to see photos like this as I would never see a house shaped like that one here in Ireland :D

The door look so cool :)

Yes, that's interesting to me

Here in Bulgaria most the churches have this things on the dors :)

Very amazing photo and story my dear friend @slowwalker! I love it!

You are really digging some treasures of history in Seoul i see. How was the conversation with that lady?
Are there more people paying attention to that house within such a city?

Really interesting! Great Post again @slowwalker

I had stayed there for 2 hours.
We had talked about her life.
Thank you

How long will you stay in Seoul?

Great post

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Amazing old house! Yes, I absolutely agree with you, "Ornament was interesting. It symbolized the entrance of the Palace"! Nice observation and thanks for sharing!

The old house is history. A story to love. Thanks for the photos. In Seoul never been there, now I know. Like posts and comments! Your. Thank you very much!

interesting post

A very nice lady sharing with you a small part of her history. I'm sure the house means a lot for her and she was proud you noticed it. Beautiful ornaments.

Great content @slowwalker. I'm new here and looking for interesting people to follow and you're definitely one of them. I appreciate the effort you're putting in. Looking forward to seeing more.

Old houses or custom homes, are very rarely found in parts of the country.
People have been drawn to modern homes now, whereas the traditional house is very valuable compared to modern homes now.
Thank you Slowwalker for sharing ^^

I find it fascinating to see how the door looks in comparison to the house. That looks like a door which could easily nowadays be used for a new house as a stylish part .. the door also triggers the thought: what could be behind this door? How does it look inside? Interesting read slowwalker!

That is a pretty small house and I hope it is safe for her to live in. I would be a bit worried for her safety with the condition of the home.

Don't worry.
There was no problem

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing

what an AMAZING looking house - thanks for sharing.

My husband lived in Soeul 1976-1977, I will show this to him and see if he recalls it at all. Great story, I. Really wanted to see inside!

Could you interview he rmore? it would be so interesting :)

Must be such a difference in lifestyle there- your photos are great. Following you now