Ignorance breeds poverty or poverty breeds ignorance

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If we look at the rich and poor, whether as individuals or as whole peoples, we will notice a big difference in the way of thinking and making decisions. On the level of individuals, for example, you find a poor person who has a dozen children and complains of his lack of income and the difficulty of providing for their needs! While an affluent person has one or two children. Likewise, the poor people find their political orientations different from the wealthy, usually the poor people tend to anarchy and encourage populist politicians while they do not pay much attention to seasoned politicians who have rational discourse and practical plans.

But there are those who say that the reason for the different way of thinking is due to the economic situation, because the conditions of the poor and the pressures of life on him are not the same as for the rich, this is in addition to the method of his upbringing (and the obvious differences are often in favor of the rich child), that is, there is the dilemma of the egg and the hen, is ignorance Poverty is born or vice versa!

But the most important thing is how to eliminate this dilemma. Should we start with fighting ignorance through education, or by removing it from poverty by giving it aid and providing job opportunities?

In my opinion, the priority should be to fight ignorance, especially in poor countries, in which a large proportion of the people are poor. It is difficult for governments or organizations to help huge numbers, and the poor himself cannot create money! Rather, he can change his way of thinking and his way of life, thus increasing his chances of changing his economic situation.