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In the past ages long time ago, parents would meet and talk about a girls marriage to a son in a certain family in her absensure. The parents of the boy would see that their son is at the age of marriage and they would keep looking out for the specific kind of woman that would suit thier son.

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The bride at visitation puts on like this in her Gomesi.

When they would notice a woman or lady that would suit thier son in marriage, the parents of the boy would always talk to the girl's parents and agree on the dawary to be paid for the girl to be married to their son.

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This is how the bridge and groom put on during the visitation and introduction ceremony. The lady putting on the Gomasi and the man putting on Kanzu and a cout.

The girl would never know who she was going to get married too. The boy would always be told by the parents which girl he was going to marry and it would only be told to him by his own parents after they had done a search for the laddy to be married.

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Matooke the staple food for Buganda

When the couple was getting engaged they would never really love the person they are going to get married to but they later get to learn to love each other.

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The ladies who give company to the bride. They can be realatives to the bride.

The kind of dawary that was paid was a thy of cow, the clothes for parents and relatives such as uncle , unties brothers and sisters. Also all the brothers to the girl would get cokes each one coke. They would also bring vegetables, such as some greens knownbaa nakati, tomatoes, onions, soap, salt, sugar, Matoke and many more and the girl would always be worned never to divorce because she doesn't have a bed in her parents home any more and also if she divorced her parents would repay all her dawary that was used to mary her. So divorce cases would not be heard any where.

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The food that is cooked during vitation. Matooke,smashed matoooke, chicken irish and many more.

There are many process to get to marriage in Buganda such as vistation, introduction, and if some are religious the end at wedding . mean while some do the wedding after introduction. visitation is called kukyala in luganda. The language used in Buganda is luganda.

Before the girl was going to get married she would first stay with her untie to get t know how to treat the houseband when she gets married and if the girl was a vergin, the boy's family would give an additional got for the dawary and if was not a virgin, they would either marry her without a got or not even marry her however it would be a rear case for a girl not be avergin because she was always watched.

During the girls stay at the unty's home, she was tought how too cook, peel matooke, clean up the house, how to kneel for the hasband, how to treat a housband in a home socially,physically, sexsuall and many more.

During the boy's visitation to the girls home, he would be acoumpanied by his realtives and the girl would come to know that day that she is engaged to some one. So she comes back home and parents do the final discussion of the dawary and when the parents will officially take up the girl during the introduction ceremony for the girl to be taken. Then they have a meal together and leave the girl at her parent's home waiting for the next appointment for the introduce ceremony. It is atraditional amarrige where all the people of the he clan for both the girl and the boy come together to whitness the couples' marriage and also dawary was paid their and then.

The mother of the girl is not alowed to be in the ceremony. She is kept the room until the ceremony is done because she may get sick of a certain disease that would afect her for ever.
When it also time for eatting the son inlaw will also have to be kept in in aroom too eat hos food so that the mother in law may not see him for it is a bad omen for her to see him during that time. They are not suposed to meet.

During the visitation time the girl and relative are dresed in traditional clothes called Gomessi for ladies and for men kanzuzs this is for both the girl and the boys family and the stapple food is matooke and other sources like meat, chicken, GNutevsource, fish and many more.

Those days there where no weddings so after the introduction ceremony the girl would be taken to her marital home. However today some people wait utill the wedding is done then she goes to her marital home.

There so many things that have change today that people chose their own partners for marriage and the parents are not involved in thier afairs until the marriage ceremony is done and their are so many divorces going on than inbthe past.

The culture has been dailuted in that we never used to have introduction showers but to day we do. The anty's now days nolonger instill discipline in the children so people just behave the way they like and dress any how with no decency.


Thanks so much for your amazing culture display. Good luck!

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