Consider if you are a Gambler!

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@cupz have been out for sometime now and they are making good improvement to their 4 games! + A lottery/raffle!

Yesterday they announced the update to their Roulette.
You can now bet on:

  • Straight
  • Split
  • Street
  • Siz Line
  • Corner
  • Trio
  • All Outside bets

When they came out with roulette you coundn't bet on corners, but now you can! Its dangerous for me, because I wanted to do so :p

My ref link if you are interested:

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This is how I bet. I forgot to add it xD

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Sound strategy!

I am loving the Cups, piling up with a delegation every day :) Cool gambling games to play on.

I am thinking about delegating aswell. I just have to get my other delegation back :p

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We like to reward our supporters, I'm glad you enjoy the games too.
I like your daily photo's @globetrottergcc too, looks like you're having a great time

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Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you are enjoying our offering, it's always good to see you playing and winning.

I forgot so much in this post xD
I hit a 0 with 0.1 steem and got 3.6 steem back xD And the picture wasn't posted in the post xD

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Yea I saw that. Nice win.

You also won 3.8 Steem on the raffle with a 0.8 Steem stake

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