ArtzOne Thursday Curation - 06.20.19

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Good morning ArtzOne community, happy Thursday! Thanks for meeting me back here for another #quality curation. I couldn’t wait to show you this one—you’re gonna love it. This week I’m introducing you to Six authors (in no particular order) who earned a blockchain feature by me, @dandays, a representative of ArtzOne.

Today’s featured artists will each receive a 100% Upvote from @artzone and @artzone.curators—congratulations!
Longer has several pieces of original art currently on display in Krakow, Poland, at his Local Centre Of Culture between now and the end of June including this acrylic still life painting complete with a reference image and progress pictures—check it out:

Another boring acrylics still life


Kenny Valdez is a long time Steemian who just returned to the platform two months ago as kendrawing. This is his latest charcoal piece complete with progress pictures and an exceptionally tidy blog. Welcome back, Kenny! Check it out:

Charcoal Drawing - Portrait Practice.


Next is a nature tour with incredible pictures through 7 Bidadari Waterfall, a remote location near hattaarshavin’s home in North Aceh, Indonesia. It’s a 4 hour hike up and down treacherous muddy terrain and the most fascinating piece to this adventure is the part he didn’t mention—they’re not only barefoot but his buddy made the hike on one leg. Check it out:

From the Village to the Hidden Forest that is so beautiful


Our next feature is sweettais—she’s been consistently releasing, at minimum, one original art piece per day for a year and one month. I know she’s using prismacolor pencils but somehow her colors continue to be some of the brightest on the platform including this combination of nature and technology—check it out:

[CR] "In harmony with nature"


Our next feature is no stranger to Steemit. Theomgbrand (Open Mind Group) has been releasing original #music on the platform for about a year and a half. This article is not an original @dsound audio track, it’s a plea for help. Please join me by Donating to this tragedy—check it out:



Matteopaints from Firenze, Italy, is our final feature this morning. When I first met Matthew Holden Bates exactly one year ago, I visited his website and was immediately draw to this reflection painting of a yacht in the harbor—it takes ‘surreal’ to whole new level. I’m happy to see him finally sharing it with the community—check it out:

Cannes Reflections (Detail) by Matthew Holden Bates



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Hello and Thank you :)

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all great posts , also it's great to find new artist friends

All great features! @dandays queue the theme music for karate kid “you’re the best around, nobody is ever gonna tear you down”. 😘 on your face

Hi guys! thanks for featuring me!

It is quite an honor to be featured today by ArtZone, I just resteemed the post!!!!😎

thumbs up for artzone artists :)

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