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RE: Insight Into A Special Specialized Type Of Curation Targeted For Steem/Steemit Growth In The Developing Nations.

in #curation4 years ago

So note that many times, when i am not able to tend to you effectively in the chats etc, you keep on on my mind and a trigger happens when i see you in my comments, then from your comment, i may be linked to your posts or seek to reward your comment directly.?

You are a man of great impact and what you are lovingly doing for steemian, cutting across nations, I pray that Jehovah will strengthen you the more. Thank you sir.


A man of great impact! You can say that again. And also of integrity and honour.

Thank you very much. Jehovah is so in charge of everything on our behalf.

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens). You can read about these special tokens Here!!!

Amen. We will all see this prayers come to pass.

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