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I have Great News!

Our project is beginning to get notice from some whales on our esteemed platform, Yes! A few of them have contacted me to find out details and my plans to uplift the minnows of our community.

We are also planning to begin an upvote project as slong as we can get a whale to donate to our cause. Or give us posting keys so we can curate minnows effectively.

Like I have said before, it would help a great deal if the whales 🐳 who aren't online frequently could delegate Steem to active and trustworthy Steemians on the platform or give their posting keys to enable proper and widespread curation of quality content. This will help out the #minnows on our platform who write quality content and are begging to be seen.

This is another post to promote minnows post by Resteeming.

The Daily Resteem Project


For all the minnows on this platform with reputation level less that 55, I will be restewmingbtheir posts to my followers, (all 740 of them) to get them more exposure and hopefully more votes.

How to participate:

All you have to do is resteem this post and drop your link in the comment section below, and you will get resteemed. For those with really good content, I may just be tempted to upvote as well.

The resteem is necessary so that other minnows following you can make use of this wonderful opportunity

We are now accepting donations! The donations will be added to the prize pool. You will get a special mention in the contest. Just send SBD/Steem to @awolesigideon with "Donation to Weekly Contest: My-Niche" asthe memo.

Let's make Steemit the community that it ought to be. Let's help each other grow.

I am @awolesigideon

Follow me for more updates like this!

Don't forget to drop your links below 👇👇👇 after Resteeming this post.



Hope it will help the new steemians like ME.