Canna-curate is here to give back to the community!

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Canna-curate is two things: it's a community bot, that upvotes original #cannabis content, and a curation trail that follows it everywhere it picks up a steemit nugget!

Let's be honest, folks! It's been long needed by steemit stoners, who go days and days giving their best, and being rewarded peanuts... and in the end hopeless for a change they pay for the upvotes!

But @canna-curate is hoping to fix that using delegated SP, that will go towards these, who delegate and those, who put real effort into their cannabis posts.

ATM there are four delegators to @canna-curate: @jonyoudyer, @bluntsmasha, @a1-shroom-spores and @conradino23, but anybody can be a part of it under one minute!

It's enough if you use that link (totally safe, no phishing!), that'll lead you to steemconnect, through which you can delegate in an instant:

The only thing you have to do is to replace „conradino23” with your own username, but with no „@”. That's it!

Alternatively, you can join our curation trail via steemauto, and this will let you follow @canna-curate wherever it goes, and reap the benefits of curation (a portion of 25% of final payout).

What's good about it is that you can set limits on your SP, which means you're gonna only upvote the content we chose if it's currently over the threshold. Additionally, you can choose a fraction of your SP you wanna use for upvoting (if it's high enough), so it doesn't drain too much, and you can still upvote manually!

Benefits of delegation ATM - as agreed by the creators of the service - include an upvote with 100% vote weight by @canna-curate and members of our curation trail once in 24 hrs! This means, that if you post once a day, you have an instant, guaranteed return on your delegation!

Benefits of joining our curation trail on the other hand include an upvote with 50% vote weight by @canna-curate account daily, and an upvote by every user, who joined our curation trail!

On the top of that @canna-curate will start publishing a weekly curation digest shortly, and will resteem content upvoted on a daily basis!

Are you excited? If you have any questions, just drop them here or talk to us on our discord channel Steem Powered Cannabis

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✯ Follow ✯ Upvote ✯ Resteem ✯


Thx. Consider contributing... it's all about good stuff :)

I will be❤️
Kinda new here but finding my way around. I will be contributing for sure

If you're new, just say a word, and I'm gonna explain everything in detail!

Deligated 200SP for 4 weeks 0%apr to @canna-curate!

Awesome! Glad to have you on board @movingman!

Ah i just read the post! The delegation was out of Solidarity :P - but yeh a complimentry 100% upvote would also be great!


That's the right question :D

Wow it's rocking! Damn..... Heavy votes coming down!

Im on a phone, cant seem to remove your name? Is there a other link I can use to delegate? @conradino

I already found it 😶😶thanks haha!! Wil be delegating some! Update: Finished Delegated 100SP!!