SteemReports is not accurate. We go on how efficiently people vote for their own posts and you have been a moderately efficient self voter.

1stly, it's pretty accurate...i just checked my history and it's about single digit in last 1 week, go manually check it, you'll see that 8.3% number above is factual, or about avg 5.x upvote out of 70 in 1 week (go ahead and check for your own satisfaction)

2ndly your efforts and matrix of calculation is off shoot, inaccurate at targetting the wrong segment of the young steemain and self-upvoter, and most important, it's totally inconsequential comes Sep 25 when self upvote is no longer even an steem author reward option and people just start self upvoting their alt account....the big fish are already doing this in preparations for months....why is it so hard to understand about sadkitten bot not being of any use function, go re-read my discord message again to you with the simple example of a legit target case you need to build (and no it's not a's reality of abuse)......consider this is someone is exclusively upvoting anyone 1 other account 33-66% you know something is suspicious af

just like gentlebot has kept and encourage retention amongst the many that lacked intial talent and niche ...... your bot will turn off multitudes of redfish and kill a segment of retention that has not even had a chance to grow or invite other users or build relationships on Steemit

do you want me to just change my bot to self upvote an alt account (it's real easy), or can you see the point i'm trying to share?

note (would i try to contact you with examples on discord and give you a summarize explanation of how this is not going to work and is probably failing already) ..... i really believe you're trying todo goo, look don't care about the tiny flag to me, I care about the outcome and the results you are trying to achieve....something needs to change drastically, you need todo more good than harm

try adding these fields in

group self upvote (their target alt accounts where total 7 day upvote is greater than 33%...then tweak it to lower the catchment account) is over say 50-80%
5000 SP (and see what you data you come up with...then reduce by 1000SP but say over 1000 SP for goodness sake until Steem >$2 again or something)
Age >= 12 months (then reduce by 1 month at a time and see what data you get....if you start flagging 1-4 months account, you will start breeding bitterness and negative experience with minnows that don't know better)
for goodness sake set a minimal threshold anything under <25% group self upvote (including accounts they upvote eg. >say 33%) should not be considered

Do whatever you want, we don't make changes based on requests about what we "should" be doing. If you see a need for another bot feel free to make it yourself, I would be interested to hear about your algorithm idea.

Otherwise I repeat that SteemReports is not accurate and honestly it's the bane of this project as a result.

let me repeat, 8.3% is about 5.x out of 70 100% upvote, i'm sorry that you have seen in accuracies in steemreports but it does not mean the data I'm sharing with you is in accurate, do yourself a favor load up steemd and search for my self set upvote % so everyone can see i'm using a bot of 99.9%, (do a ctrl-F and search for that string) you'll see only 5 upvotes in the last 7 days.....that is 100% accurate then

i think you're misunderstanding my message to you, i'm not trying to subvert your target, if i wanted to, i would have done so and much more discretely, i'm letting you know that the premise of you goal is not being achieve this way

i will be modifying my bot to as Sept 25 is around the corner, so that's not the point, the key in this discussion is to empower you with feedback to do more good and have a greater impact not a negative impact, which i can foresee right now

flagging and tagging anyone who has 1/10 less than a tenth of self upvote is just need to understand this

it's like saying investors who give away 93% of their income in Steem should be punish (and that's not how much I'm giving away btw...i'm already delegated "for free" over >95% of my SP and ontop of that I'm giving away >90% of my in my case you're flagging someone who is literally giving about 99% ignore my case and look at the logic I am proposing to you), or worst telling new Steemians, redfish, and tiny minnows who upvote themselves less than 1 out of 10 times should be punished

do you not see the accumulated resentment your current algo will continue to cause?

Let me put this to you as plainly as possible: I do not respond to orders. You keep telling me what I need to do, etc and this strategy will not work with me. I ignore such things and I am ignoring these statements.

I am very interested in feedback however. You have no presented your opinions as feedback, rather as orders, and your language is very confused which adds to the disarray I see.

Regarding the issue, only a very few accounts we flag each week appear as low self voters on SteemReports. They are actually high self voters due to the efficiency at which they vote. Sometimes there have been bugs but I review the list every week to check for errors.

You should note that the algorithm is changing soon to target clique voters which is I think what you are suggesting anyway.

In any case we are currently only down voting to match at most 50% of only self voted posts / comments by about 60 accounts each week. This is hardly disproportionate. What you are complaining about is a minority case of a very small minority anyway.

You can take some of my advice instead: order your thoughts and present them well or you will be misunderstood. Recognize that you have no purview over this bot and I will at most consider suggestions.

sorry i missed lots of reply....will get back to you, lets continue our chat on I'll try to explain in more details take your time to think of the scenarios don't just run the code until you have enough examples to give you confidence it will lead to many scenarios that do more good than harm <- that's like a super nutshell of what might help you add greater value

upvote for taking the time to respond and help improve Steem in your own way

Sure why not. You are free to proceed as you wish obviously but I have an idea: write a detailed post with your ideas and / or criticisms. Present it really well and it will hopefully spark a good dialogue with not only me but other interested people.

as you can see, i don't post, but I'm happy to help give clearer feedback, let me try to understand first what you're going for objective wise

also i mean to ask what you mean by clique voters, it sounds like a form of circle jerk, but i'm sure you have a better plan, yes, i think discussion and synergy sparks many new ideas

some of the best engineering break through i have seen came from best ideas bounced of 2-3 thinkers

for the record, i'm happy to help give you feedback and help you modify your code i can do js, python, heck even c++, no problems, but only if you opensource it at least to a trusted community of dev (I think i asked for the discord link to your community)....but for myself, i don't want to spend time building my own flag bot, there is already so much negativity surrounding Steem, i'm happy that you're pursuing it, but since this is financial violence (and necessary at time) you need to "really" know what you're doing, and change and adapt, and keep improving to do it right

i want to wish you the best, but for now, you need to take some feedback for some tweaks and changes, your net might be catching 30-50% worthy of a flag, but as i try to point up "behavorial psychologically" it's current a wrong're catching all the baby turtles and endangered species and i see this suffocating the wrong people

here's an positive incentive (before you this gets out of hand like how angrykitty and insanepuppy started invoking a band of futile resistance that adds no value but more negativity to the platform), do this right and make sustainable and I'll talk to @transisto, @lukestokes and see what they has planned as they are much bigger whales (well 1 whale and 1 orca), if this is done well, i'm power up more of my trade steem and delegate to support

let me repeat @personz: not asking you to stop, asking you to take feedback on what works and what does not