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Hey, so heads up the following accounts needs to update their settings on Steemauto or recharge their voting power. Please make a comment or join us at discord (https://discord.gg/RTNBnFd) when you make the needed changes to continue actively votibg with our group. Unfortunately votes from @dgi and @dynamicsteemians will be temporarily removed but in 6-10 hours.

Remember, 1%-15% fixed following the @dynamicsteemians curation is all that is required typically to actively vote. Please mind your voting mana!



I haven't received any votes from either of the above accounts since changing my settings to suit you. I did get a vote yesterday from something called @dynamicgreentk (related to you?) But no votes from your trail, as I can tell by the number of votes coming in.

Maybe you're busy. I remember reading a post where you thanked people for waiting awhile until you added them back to the trail.

I've lost confidence and I'm going to be returning my settings back to what they were before I joined. What I gave up in curation rewards has not been made up for in the lone vote from @dynamicgreentk It seems to take you quite some time to add people back to the trail. Thanks.

Ive been active in discord. Im sorry this is the first comment ive seen from you.

Please double check your settings. 1%-15% fixed will ensure you actively vote.

Hi @dynamicsteemians. Not sure why I was on this list? When I saw it, I checked and had voted on 48 of the last 50 trail votes made. The 2 that I had not were actually my own posts that I manually removed my self votes from.

Just to let you know I have withdrawn from the trail and I would like to thank you for the votes and support I have received during my time in the @dynamicsteemians.

Best wishes for the future,

John aka @jk6276.

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I've been voting with the trail, so why do I still get a warning?

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Im not sure. I look at single days via steemauto. It seems I messed up. I will remove your name from this list.

Alright, thank you

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I have been voting with the trail, all the time so I don't know why I was in the warning

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I think you may have your steemauto account set to stop voting at 90%... Can you double check that? Perhaps that is why when i checked your account i didnt see you voting fully. But i see that you are now voting with us

Yea... That's true, my vp is set at 90%. So am I being add back

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