Use #imusify :: Tag #imusify, get featured and win a $0.5 upvote

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Use our #imusify tag and get a chance to get a $0.5 upvote!

We are taking our music curation to the next level! With the amazing help of some great Steemians, we managed to bump up our upvote - insert Annie's Hard Knock Life here -


We seek quality music, upvote and give valuable feedback every day. However, we want to do more, which is why we reached out and managed to get @sjennon to support our Sunday Collections. Which means she can bump up your post by another $0.50!

She's been doing Sjennon Support and has been sponsoring @steemit-ironchef, and now we are happy to announce she'll be dipping her toes in the music industry aswell!

How does it work?

By using our #imusify tag, you nominate yourself for our Sunday Collections - which is a series we hold on Steemit where we weekly showcase the musical work of our very own gifted Steemians.

Every week, we go through our nominations and pick up to 5 posts which we will feature in our Sunday Collections. These 5 posts shall be upvoted by @sjennon to reward musicians for their great contribution!

Let's make music. Let's #imusify!



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imusify is an award-winning music platform that is reinventing the global music industry in order to liberate music makers, music fans, and music entrepreneurs. We have our own ϑ IMU tokens which are used as the engine to support imusify’s multi-layered, decentralized music economy.

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