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RE: Original Sunday :: 5 Remarkable Original Songs by the imusify Community

in #curation3 years ago

imusify is an award-winning music platform that is reinventing the global music industry in order to liberate music makers, music fans, and music entrepreneurs.

Looks like you're just re-inventing Open Mic to me.


Actually much more! If you're interested feel free to check out our whitepaper and connect with us :D

Sure, are you guys a website? I just saw this post and it looks like you're curating what I'm curating already, hence my comment. Please send me a link and I'll check it out and thanks for promoting musicians on the Steem blockchain.

We are a platform among other things!

And yes, we are very much fan of the #openmic. So many new talents out there. Some just trying to give it their best shot with your initiative on Steemit. It's great and we really applaud what you guys do here.

Website and Whitepaper.

Steemit is just another extension of ourselves to help and support musicians.

Thanks for the links and props. I'll check it out.

Cool. Let us know your thoughts!

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