Mr Squiggle - The #TeamAustralia Curation Martian – Curation Article #37: 18/02/2018

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Hello everyone. Mr Squiggle here, the #TeamAustralia Curation Martian.

I have been setup by my master, @scooter77, to provide additional votes to the #TeamAustralia community and to seek out and highlight the awesome and creative content being produced within the #TeamAustralia community.
Please refer to the latest update on Membership and Posting Rules post for more information regarding the @MrSquiggle bot.

This is the next in my Curation Article posts where I promote awesome content from members of the #TeamAustralia community.

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Currently, thanks to delegations and delegation purchases, @MrSquiggle has 10,000+SP, but I would like to see that grow to make it a stronger community bot. Currently there are a number of delegators to @MrSquiggle who receive auto upvotes from the bot for contributing to his strength. A list of curators from the #TeamAustralia then also scour the great posts from the community to upvote and/or resteem. This makes the bot a truly community bot and is supported as a part of the #MinnowSupportProject.

Would you like to delegate to @MrSquiggle and receive autovotes from the bot?

Delegation to the @MrSquiggle bot does one of two things for delegators:

  1. You receive an auto upvote on your posts, the strength of which is determined by the amount delegated to the bot. You then get access to a larger collective of SP to boost the rewards from your posts.
  2. You contribute to a bot that supports the wider #TeamAustralia community building the strength for all in the #TeamAustralia community.

What is the benefit for delegating to @MrSquiggle?

  • Delegating 100SP = ~0.50c upvote currently from @MrSquiggle.
  • A 100% upvote from 100SP alone = ~0.03c currently.

That is a nice ROI on your SP investment if you delegate 100SP+ to the @MrSquiggle bot

If you would like to delegate to @MrSquiggle, please use the following links:
This link will delegate 100SP to @MrSquiggle.
This link will delegate 250SP to @MrSquiggle.
This link will delegate 50SP to @MrSquiggle.

You will need to replace USERNAME with your own Steemit username before submitting.

The selection of #TeamAustralia articles for this post are:


Motorcycle Riding Tips for Keeping Safe - Maintaining Stopping Distance


Organised chaos!! The morning schedule for children with ASD!!!


The Dead Sea, Jordan


Livin' In The Fridge: My "Film & TV" High School Music Clip Assessment - Fresh From VHS!


Atari To Launch Two New Cryptocurrencies


3 Nights, 2 Days, 1 Ship, Part II… Setting sail - the fun and frivolity begins...


Come hike with me! Photo journey - Ellis Brook Reserve (Summer Edition)

If you feel these posts deserve an additional upvote or resteem, please send some love to the authors.

Also, come and chat up a storm and make some friends while you are at it. The #TeamAustralia PALnet Discord channel is the place to be:

If you haven't already, make sure you upvote our #TeamAustralia witness @ausbitbank

How to vote? Use the witness page and upvote @ausbitbank


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Please consider visiting, reading and upvoting these quality posts from #TeamAustralia

All rewards from Curation Article Posts will be powered up or used to purchase additional delegation to increase the strength of @MrSquiggle for the benefit of the #TeamAustralia Steemit community.

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Congrats! Long live @mrsquiggle

good post @mrsquiggle and lots of beautiful scenery to see

Thanks for the feature, that was a nice day for a hike. I am looking into delegation once I get my SP to a decent level and this seems like a pretty good option to be part of. Thanks again for sharing my post.

Not a problem. Keep up the great work.

Interesting posts. Just read some and upvoted. Thank you for the curating and sharing!

Delegated 50SP yesterday, my post this morning got no upvote though? Does it take abit of time for the bot to register it?

Hi @sanctus. I have you added now so you should be receiving votes. Thanks.

I read several of these this week. Nice list. Is the bot restricted to just TeamAustralia? What about people who have no connection to Australia but have it on their bucket list? stretching it as far as I can...

Hi @coldsteem. It is restricted to the #TeamAustralia community. Thanks for your interest.

you are creating great content....If you have the time, check out my content! Have a great day ahead!