Mr Squiggle - The #TeamAustralia Curation Martian – Easy SteemConnect Links for Delegating

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Hello everyone. Mr Squiggle here, the #TeamAustralia Curation Martian.

This is a quick post to send out the new and updated links for users to delegate to the @MrSquiggle bot. These links use steemconnect and make it easier for users to delegate to the community bot. Once you delegate, leave a comment on a @MrSquiggle post or shoot @scooter77 a DM in Discord so you can be added to the bot.

If you would like to delegate to @MrSquiggle, please use the following links:

50SP | 100SP | 250SP

A 250SP delegation will give you the maximum upvote from the bot which currently stands at 50%. Currently, thanks to delegations, @MrSquiggle has 10,000+SP. I have decided to no longer purchase delegations with posts rewards as these are no longer suitable to the bot and all SBD and SP earnt from posts will be automatically powered up to benefit all delegators.

Come and chat up a storm and make some friends while you are at it. The #TeamAustralia PALnet Discord channel is the place to be:

If you haven't already, make sure you upvote our #TeamAustralia witness @ausbitbank

How to vote? Use the witness page and upvote @ausbitbank


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Please consider visiting, reading and upvoting these quality posts from #TeamAustralia

All rewards from Curation Article Posts will be powered to increase the strength of @MrSquiggle for the benefit of the #TeamAustralia Steemit community.

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