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RE: Insight Into A Special Specialized Type Of Curation Targeted For Steem/Steemit Growth In The Developing Nations.

in #curation4 years ago (edited)

I have made a bunch of friends from steemit in so little time and am already seeing them as family
A lot of people here have helped me reach my potentials and still.growing
Thank you @surpassinggoogle for the Positive vibe and energy


I will help you with my vote friend, I hope to see you for my post. Greetings.

You are welcome. Nice testimonies. Owo blow, you don hammer

Take some imaginary @teardrops (smart media tokens). You can read about these special tokens Here!!!

Striking the pidgin chords here. Lol.

hahaha big boss na you blow this kin grammer?
It still all about the vibe though
thanks a bunch

The vibe wey @surpassinggoogle dey give, no be here ooo. Gbaski vibe I must say. Make brain gaaan

Sure! The guy be like the late MKO Abiola, always trying say make everybody benefit of his position or influence.

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