Poetsunited: Daily Dose of Poetry and Prose #104

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The Daily Dose #104

The best verse and prose poetry submitted to our public
and subscribers’ promo channels from
12 July ~ 18 July 2018

Be assured, we are working hard to deliver the best community of poetry lovers on steemit. Each one of us can show support, offer assistance and friendliness to help one another express that creativity with abandon. Not everyone is a writer of the calibre of those featured in the doses, but all of us have beautiful creative energy that is waiting to find expression.

Poetry speaks - United we’re stronger!

Our community publications are shared to Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter and poetry-related online websites.

After reading the winning entries, don’t miss the extra string of pearls appearing after the top three poems. Pay the posts a visit, make a comment, reward with a vote, regardless of how small - but whatever you do - Enjoy the beautiful poetry!


3rd Spot Total Shamble by @deeclown
This poem is sufficient to lift you up when you’re feeling defeated. The writer is a new contributor in our community, bringing positive lines of faith and hope.
I will cry no more For within me,
there are bitter truths
2nd Spot Minnow’s Song by @quillfire
A long-time contributor to our community, @quillfire returns to the doses with these cleverly-written verses. One has to admire the rhyme and meter in this novel approach to sketching some nastily canny observations on current affairs here. His clever allusions and comparisons, beneath a humorous smile, make for an entertaining and thought-provoking read.

I’ll tell you a tale, of him a Great Whale,
A Whale, that all did admire
Caring his creed, most noble in deeds,
Hence Whale, did poets inspire.
1st Spot Midnight by @zaimrofiqi

Zaim has a way of taxing one’s imagination with a few well-placed words he gives his reader some glimpses into ideas, which open the door on still further new ideas. When I asked him to comment on this poem, he replied like this:

We, human beings, often wonder about our existence and also about our future as human beings ... Questions about these things often appear to us in the midnight silences, though often we already know that they have no answer, and the life stories we try to build up to answer them turn out to be ultimately messy.
in midnight
when the streets are abandoned
somethings are slowly out

And now, about that extra string of pearls ....

- The first four intriguing poems in this series by @acousticsteveo occupied a highlight in the last dose. Here are six more by Stephen which I have no doubt you will enjoy just as much. Emerging 5, Emerging 6, Emerging 7, Emerging 8., Emerging 9, Emerging 10.

- @angelveselinov tantalizes us with this situational poem about things as they are, about moving and the places we will soon be. the title is The Move is Finally Over.

- If you want to look at biscuits, eggs, butter, gravy, and pork in a completely different way, take this humorous sonnet for a Breakfast Talk. Apart from the delicious poetry, @blockurator’s post is an interesting place to find out what you didn’t know about the variations and origins of the poetic form known as the sonnet.

- You may remember @hash-tag from the 'colab edition' of the daily dose. This time he has put finger to keyboard and composed these emotion-filled verses entitled Ghost. Hash Tag also shared some motivational and spiritual prose writing, And When God Whispered my Name.

- @run-the-bits’ AmeriCNN series represents his daily struggle to make sense of CNN headlines. While you’re giving him a Bells for trying, also consider donating to the Marcus Autism Center via his gofundme. Details below these two posts: Emmet Till Murder Investigation Reopened and this commentary of the headline, Neutrino Source Confirmed for First Time.

The proof is in the pudding - so, what did you make of all that? Don’t forget to leave some comments and votes to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Thanks to everyone who shared their poetry.

This Dose prepared by @trumanity for @poetsunited


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Nicely written issue and very well-presented. Very professional indeed.

And thanks for the call-out.


Thank you very much for this honor...☕❤

Thanks now i understand what @trumanity was saying when he asked me to edit my post, thats for a place on the list...

Any person in the server may send out suggestions wherever necessary on all content going through our server channels, my friend. Accepting the suggestions is always voluntary. So, no, it isn't for a place on the list.

Congrats my friend @zaim, You truly deserve it. Congrats all other members. Exceptional Writing, my friends. Thanks for the dose @trumanity , You are the spirit of the community my brother. Thanks for that lovely mention .
Lots of love

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