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RE: Upvote Shares Level 17 Available...

in #curationlast year

As committed, this morning I have transferred 18.08 STEEM to @upvoteshares for 4 more shares @costanza. This is (at least for now) my final purchase, putting my shares at an even 100.

For these 4 Level 17 minnowshares @upvoteshares / @costanza and my final sponsorships, I would like to sponsor:

2 shares - @blessed-girl
2 shares - @mimismartypants

If my accounting is correct (if not, please let me know), these sponsorships should put both of these accounts “over the line” for 1 upvoteshare. 👍

As always, thank you for all of your effort to both put this program together, in the first place, and your faithful efforts to maintain it since then!


thanks again for the blessing rolleee! keep on rolling!

You are most welcome @mimismartypants. As far as this, ...

"keep on rolling!"

... I've "painted myself into a corner" and have no choice but to do exactly that. Otherwise, my investing in these shares was not very bright ... 😉

I have hop. Things will look up. Hopefully long term you get some ROI. If users are driven by community it will get their!

4 shares [Share 851 to 854] have succesfully been assigned to you and your sponsorships have been noted. Congrats for reaching your goal of 100 Shares and thanks for all your support to the project. I will continue do what I can to keep running this project like I have since it started.