Look What I Found on NaturalMedicine!

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Since the Steem blockchain became a centralized, top-down dominated place, where control and censorship thrive, I have decided to move my content. Don't worry, though, all my posts and up and doing well on the decentralized Hive blockchain. Come and check it out!


All 3 visited and voted on. Thanks for your entry!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Awesome! Thank you guys!

It is such a lovely suprise to see #naturalmedicine featured as part of #pifc. I missed all 3 of these posts... going to go give them them some love now!!!! 😍😍

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Nice, thank you! I can see how the most obvious posts pass us... we really should celebrate every post we do see. ;-)

Totally! I can barely keep up.. I believe in comments and engagement so much, but its Herculean effort commenting on everyone under my fave tag!

Oh no, such things are completely unrealistic... unless you really want to be a full-time steemian. I'm sure some people like the idea, but otherwise I think it's pointless to expect such level of engagement from ourselves or others. Even discord is a place where my visits have become sporadic at the most. Posting, going through my feed, and upvoting / commenting already takes a huge chunk of time and effort.

Everyone has been supported!! Nice choices.

Hey, buddy. What a good presentation you made about my post, can be considered a mini prologue. Excellent work you do with the curatorships.

In fact, the post corresponds to an original content and very well documented that I did in an essay for the chair Crimes against people. My area of knowledge is education and environmental sciences; however, I am currently studying a new career in legal sciences, Law.

I regularly publish original and quality content, among the communities that most support my blog is #steemstem, so I give a scientific orientation to all posts, as I get a better assessment.

Thank you for the support; good luck in the contest, sure you have the prize at hand.

Sorry, recovering voting power 🐹

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I've just visited both posts. Thanks for sharing!

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