Give Me Dorky Things To Upvote!!!

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I am searching high and low for pretty much any content in the realm of dorkdom that I can support and throw some love towards. If you have a hobby that might have gotten you beat up in middle school, we are your curation God!!! Just use the hashtag #supdork to call me to your piece if you think you got the right stuff. Collect stamps? Read comics? Build models? Trade baseball cards? Doodle fairies and dragons? Review sci-fi flicks? Blog about your bottlecap collection? Cosplay as your favorite pop culture character? Play XBox for hours on end until your mom calls you up for supper? Inspired by Steve Carrell in the 40 Year Old Virgin? Then you have come to the right place!

Currently it is fairly slim pickings as I am searching for any reason to reward people on the blockchain. That guy in the back of the photo wearing a Batman shirt? Upvote! Yes, it's tough to find quality nerdy I am begging...pleading for it. Feed me the dorkiness and I will rain down the love!!!

I am waiting fellow nerds...


I’m conflicted. If you upvote me, it’s because you’re calling me a dork...

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Seconded. My recycling/thrifting posts get the supdork seal and I start to second guess myself. Fair trade.

Well I used to do it when you would find LEGO's and toys but then I started thinking that it's a hobby to do what you do...and these days it's slim pickings here to find quality "dorky" shit. So by default, you fit the bill. Also...look at you...I mean...

No complaints. I have a bin of 60+ pounds of loose Legos I'll be listing soon. I looked in the mirror and started sobbing...

Welcome to my life. Minus the LEGO's

Love this account name. The image fits perfectly, too.

Thank you! We have big things planned....if I could only find that...what's it called??? Oh...time.

I have been doing a weekly post about RPG Books if that is something you are interested in.

Nah... I only write about nerdy things... dorky stuff is out of my realm of experience!

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Ha ha, awesome intro @supdork... and thanks for your recent curation on my short story The Orca and The Albatross.

I've always thought it might be a cool thing to share my dorkiness in the form of maybe old dnd character bios, my ancient lord of the rings fan fiction which I wrote in school, or maybe a detailed analysis between the four aspects of chaos in the Warhammer universe... ya know just the normal geeked out shiz 🤣

Ha ha, I think I might know who's behind this account 🕵️ is it the man who brings us the best selection of cosplay pictures on the steem blockchain perhaps?

Great curation initiative. I shall remember to use the tag on relevant posts.

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Do you still upvote dorky posts? I have a new movie review. hehe.

Hey there! I do...just been a tad under the weather. Getting back into the groove as we speak. :)

Oh I see. Ok hope you're feeling better now.

What if it's a TV show or movie review?

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