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Today's guest curator is @paradigmprospect.

I never get tired of promoting the idea of discernment and the merit of coming to our own conclusions, and I feel the more time passes, the more important this skill set becomes. We all grew up in societies where everything seemed so transparent and clear until we found the first cracks in the illusion.

To some it was the mainstream media failing, to others it was the disillusionment with the charade of politics and yet others have gathered life experiences to show them that - while we should certainly listen to others and keep an open mind - in the end we need to make the determination ourselves as to what the truth most likely is.

In the spirit of enlarging our ability to recognize illusions and to sharpen our discernment, it is @paradigmprospect's pleasure to showcase the work of these 5 Steemians today who give us ample reason to question everything and draw our own conclusions in a world where most people think they pretty much know "the truth" already once they graduate from high school...

The Sneaked Selections

Here Are Eight Of The Risks In Life That Are Scary But Totally Worth Taking

Even when we can clearly see a roadblock in our lives we sometimes just need that little nudge to go and make that change we feel we need. But where do we get that nudge?

We may think our problems and challenges are uniquely our own, but as this insightful and encouraging article lays open - it is worth listening to your inner voice and to go tackle those challenges, learn to love yourself and transform negatively-connotated experiences into profound learning experiences.

If you feel like life is giving you a tough time these days, reading up on @classicguy's considerations and mantras of belief in yourself and your path in life could just be what you need to dig yourself out of the perceived hole you may find yourself in.

Don't give up. The obstacle is the path!


Screwing The Customer

Ever since I was a kid I had questions about the way society does things, things that seemed odd to me. Even today I still resonate strongly whenever I find others out there that share their inner torment about the status quo they are living in, where they are forced to adhere to inhumane guidelines despite clearly feeling that it causes endless pain, frustration and helplessness for other people in need of assistance.

As @zyx066 has shared in this heartfelt article, the customer has long ceased to be king.

Questionable company policies hide behind a legal framework benefitting legal persons over actual people, and it seems the longer it goes on the more we fall back to our inner core saying: Something has got to change. It's like: I want to do good in the world but my job is forcing me to do the opposite - with a fake smile and endless referrals to allegedly sensible guidelines.

If you feel your job is getting to you, reading this article might greatly cheer you up, if only to see that you are not the only one feeling at odds with what most people deem to be "normal". Let's find better ways, because the "laws" in place clearly are not designed for people's well being at all.


"My Propagandist Wouldn't Lie to Me, Would He?"

No matter how open-minded we are, once we get settled in with our new favorite radio host, podcast or worldview we are liable to repeat the same level of gullibility we had just managed to escape from a short time ago.

There are endless accusations of public personas being shills - some say this guy is a liar, others claim that outlet is a liar. And maybe they're all right, maybe we just don't want to admit that we like being lied to and that we choose to delegate our discernment to people other than ourselves for their compelling arguments and their tidy smile.

A true freethinker, @artisticscreech's writing never seizes to amaze me. It is pure balm for those waking up from the illusion of certainty we have been indoctrinated into from the time we were children. If you are looking for a clear minded, neutral inquiry into the nature of reality, society and its hangups - look no further.

He would never say so himself: His considerations are pure gold for minds on the search for truth and meaning in this crazy life we find ourselves in. Not because he will tell you what the truth is, but because after reading his structured posts you will feel compelled to make up your own mind when so many others simply choose to follow a new herd...


Why people shouldn't be unforgiving to the Liberal / Motor reflex functions / Taken advantage of

This article is more fundamental and essential to the discerning mind than its title might first suggest. We all are creatures of habits and there probably are good reasons for it. But did you ever stop to think that thinking, analyzing and even judging other people, ideas and claims is a mere side effect of the habits we have acquired?

And if so, couldn't we utilize this characteristic of the human brain to our advantage?

As @commonlaw has pointed out in this illuminating article, habits may play a larger role for our daily choices and judgments than we have been led to believe. And should we see that that is so, we are at once free to train ourselves in new ways that are in line with a life-affirming attitude of open-mindedness and our willingness to make up our own minds in the face of rigid ways that stem from our conditioning and unrecognized habits.


The Effect Of An Anonymous Idea

Before I read this article, I thought I knew why anonymity is important. Most people agree that anonymity protects the safety and free speech of the one making the claim and that that is worth defending.

And while that certainly is true in my book, have you ever considered that the uttered idea itself may benefit even more from its anonymous origin than the one who shared it?

With his article, @vieira has delivered a meaningful yet breathtakingly simple thought that I have never heard mention online anywhere. The calls for anonymity seem omnipresent, but maybe the reasons for that call go deeper than just to save our own skin...



Every time I get a submission from @paradigmprospect, I know I need to set aside some time, read through the selected articles, and let my mind expand. This time is no exception. Bookmark this edition if you need to, but take the time to thoughtfully read each article and participate in the comment discussions. Your mind will thank you! For submitting these excellent articles and commentary, @paradigmprospect earns 5 SBD.

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