The Daily Sneak 5 July 2018 - with guest curator @paradigmprospect

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Today's guest curator is @paradigmprospect. It's been a couple of weeks since his last appearance, and we are pleased to welcome him back!

Learning about different skills and perspectives has helped me out greatly in life. Sometimes we have a faint idea where we want to go, what we want to do, or how we want to approach an idea, but we may lack the support from the outside to go make it a reality - the last nudge.

Fortunately, Steem is as diverse as the flora in the rainforest, so whatever we want to make happen in life, it is well worth digging for the gems on this platform to get inspired. @paradigmprospect invites you to check out these creative Steemians today who share with us their skill, knowledge and perspectives about what moves them and how to go about turning the vision into reality.

The Sneaked Selections

If Canada Wasn't Free, Would You Help Make It Free?

Living in Western societies we get to hear it all the time:

"We are sooooooo free!"
"We are enjoying more freedom today than ever before!"
"Democracy is the best system humanity has ever come up with!"

While it may appear on the surface that that is so, if we look a little deeper we find many great reasons to pause for a moment and to reconsider our own programming - or even to arrive at a completely different conclusion altogether.

As @jayanarchon has written in his insightful post, it doesn't take much to see that the shiny package of democracy we are all familiar with carries a lot of nasty baggage we have gotten so accustomed to that the mere questioning of our government ideology will scare a lot of people new to the idea of anarchy. If you feel unsure why democracy might be worth criticizing I invite you to check out this observant article, fact-checking the myths of democracy through the example of the popular entity known as Canada.



Many vegans might disagree but goat milk is often described as the best type of animal product humans can consume because our bodies can process it so well. It is rich in nutrients and seems to not trigger allergies in people to the degree that cow products seem to.

But wow, producing my own goat milk cheeses - that would truly be the next level!

As @buckaroo shares with us, there are awesome creations to be made out of the milk of goats, if we know what to aim for. If you dig heavy and rich cheeses like feta or halloumi and have your own goats, you may really want to check out this Steemian to get some inspiration for your next family dinner.

Such interesting information and pictures here as well, I really want some feta right now <3


Stacking Steem Power (STEEM OG UPDATE)

I find Steemit to be absolutely marvellous for discovering how to do things and how not to do things. Whatever your passion is, someone on Steemit will have all the knowledge you are after, to learn and grow.

In an effort to overgrow the system, the work of people like @jonyoudyer seems priceless. He put in a lot of time and effort to share with us his botanical creations and methodologies that will be invaluable for newcomers to this field of expertise. If you feel you need some great cannabis growing insights, I can totally recommend checking out his blog.


🎼🎧Hit the Road🎧🎼(Beat Battle League S2:R13/Chase Scene Music)

Much immersive music can be found on Steem, but some go even further than to "just" post their final track. It's great to listen to unique tracks that put us in the zone, but as @psionic-tremors has shown us recently, making a track can be a real time-intensive labor of love with lots of steps involved in order to hit the theme laid out in a contest, like with the recent "chase scene music" contest in the music league.

Where do we start and how do we put a theme into music in a way that makes it unique? And what does all of that have to do with Steem?

While to non-musicians it might seem like utter magic and a super complicated undertaking from just looking at the post, to those just getting started it will give a nice glimpse into the world of digital audio production with computers in a DAW and how professional the results can be if we persist in pursuing our dreams, one track at a time.

A really nice motivator to come join the Steemit music league to grow as a musician as well!


a stranger in a strange land

I dig the empathic hardliners. But that might be saying way too much already; don't let my ramblings distract from what @lennythyme has delivered here with this insightful article. The programs that run us and the words that overshadow what actually is right in front of us... all of it wants to be discovered and uncovered.

As we move into a new era on Earth, it is a pleasure to shine a spotlight on the work of this heartfelt Steemian so that we can get more clear about who we are and what we want to create going forward in this crazy life-experience on Earth that we all share.

You speak to my heart my friend: Time to start over <3



Another fabulous set of selections from @paradigmprospect. I especially enjoy the effort he puts into the commentary! Check out each post and let their creators know what you think. For submitting these excellent articles and commentary, @paradigmprospect earns 5 SBD.

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What a nice line-up of quality content @thedailysneak!
Thanks for sharing - need to check them all, but your summary already gives a good impression what these posts are about.
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! @paradigmprospect does really great summary commentary!

What a lovely group of posts! Thank you for featuring me - my precious goats wonderful cheeses and soaps! I would love to contribute in future @thedailysneak

You're welcome. Would love to see some contributions come in from you!

Will have a read of your post and get back to you. I'm really keen to contribute

Thank you so much @paradigmprospect for highlighting my post and describe it in such a nice way!!! I feel very honoured. And thank you @thedailysneak for approving my post as a submission from @paradigmprospect. I'm very grateful for that :).
@paradigmprospect describes all submissions in such an interesting way, that I just have to visit and read all of them.
Congratulations to all of you for such a good work for the steemit community!! Much love..Psio

I concur with @buckaroo. This was my first experience with the daily sneak. Part of the knew weigh of doing life organically, on human scale.

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
Check @resteembot's introduction post or the other great posts I already resteemed.

Hi, congratz, you are now listed on the Steemians directory. You can read more about this new initiative here: If you like this project it would be great if you could resteem the post to make more people aware of it.
If you don’t want to be listed just leave me a comment and I will delete your profile from the website.
Thank you very much for reading and I’m looking forward to your feedback!
PS: I’m NOT a bot so… I’m really looking forward to your feedback 😊
PS2: You can find your profile in the directory under promoters :

Once again a great selection by my friend @paradigmprospect. Thanks to @thedailysneak for such a wonderful initiative.

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