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100% Manual Curation

I find the best content on Steem and help give it more rewards and exposure. You can find all the posts I curated yesterday in the table below.

Author of the Week

Also keep an eye out for my Author of the Week contest where I give away 200 or more Steem Power to one deserving author weekly.

Daily Curation

Yesterday, I manually curated the following posts.

@savagekathrynChillQuill Lights Up The Quill Grill ... "QuillFire Roast or Toast" Contest (Daughter's Edition ... My 1st Steemit Post)
@sosadrawsEste es el Plan en San Valentín - Here's the Plan in Valentine's Day
@plantstoplanksHeart Healthy Valentine's Day ♥️
@freedompointOne Yeti's Perspective #364: Peace Behind The Experience
@soyrosa"Miss, are you being held hostage?" How 8 policemen in bullet-proof vests were surrounding my home this afternoon
@derosnecMoviemaking Concepts: VFX - What is Visual Effects?
@maycorjerjes18Steemit Open MIc Week 124 - Amapola
@uwelangBMW Blockchain Event in München
@highlandcattleScottish Highland Cattle In Finland: Calf eating delicious spruce branches
@stef1My ArtVenture: Acrylic painting: “Be my Valentine“
@marie-jayIn the dead of night (Freewrite)
@honeydueSent. (Down the Publishing Rabbit Hole Once Again)
@ruth-girlThe First Blood
@guiltypartiesGP Contests: Treasure Plate
@craigcryptokingWe Rescued A $2000 French Bulldog!
@raycomsMinecolonies & Several Improvements
@arthurgainPortraits in ballpoint
@michael.dimeMy journey in Greece (Thessaloniki) day 4
@theycallmedanMicro Look At Bitcoin & Effects It Has On Altcoins
@li-art❤️ Tutorial - Drawing GOLDEN FISH , art by @li-art 🎬❤️ Dtube❤️
@zyx066Eternal Shock
@birdsinparadiseHealthy Treats Valentine’s Day and an Opportunity for Kindness
@bowentroyer2 Minutes with the Farmer: Harvesting the Hydropodic Lettuce!!!
@acidyoZombie Battleground - Blockchain based Card Game
@stefaniavelizThe Cyberpunk Car El Auto Cyberpunk( Drawing/Dibujo)
@nagasonicKENDO BATTLE
@steemluckIntroducing SteemLuck – Pick Your Lucky Number!
@freedomtowriteDay 3 of 30! The Yoga Journey ~ Observe
@goldenoakfarmFebruary 15, 2019 @goldenoakfarm
@themarkymarkMovie Review - Days of Thunder
@thermoplastic📷 UNDINE FOUNTAIN in Baden bei Wien EN - DE

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

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Thank you so much for your curation and call-out.

I am @quillfire's daughter and this was my First Post ... a Roast of him in his "QuillFire Roast or Toast" Post, a celebration of his One Year Steemversary.



Welcome to steemit, Kathryn 🙂

Great dude. You are human.
Which hastag I have to use to looking for your curation?
Thanks for all you are doing for Steemit
You are my witness
Are you curating also music related post

My support for the manual curator is 100% helping beginner blogs in Steemit, thanks to @themadcurator

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Hi @themadcurator 🙂 thanks for what you're doing, human and real curation is what we need.

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