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100% Manual Curation

I find the best content on Steem and help give it more rewards and exposure. You can find all the posts I curated yesterday in the table below.

Author of the Week

Also keep an eye out for my Author of the Week contest where I give away 200 or more Steem Power to one deserving author weekly.

Daily Curation

Yesterday, I manually curated the following posts.

@savagekathrynChillQuill Lights Up The Quill Grill ... "QuillFire Roast or Toast" Contest (Daughter's Edition ... My 1st Steemit Post)
@sosadrawsEste es el Plan en San Valentín - Here's the Plan in Valentine's Day
@plantstoplanksHeart Healthy Valentine's Day ♥️
@freedompointOne Yeti's Perspective #364: Peace Behind The Experience
@soyrosa"Miss, are you being held hostage?" How 8 policemen in bullet-proof vests were surrounding my home this afternoon
@derosnecMoviemaking Concepts: VFX - What is Visual Effects?
@maycorjerjes18Steemit Open MIc Week 124 - Amapola
@uwelangBMW Blockchain Event in München
@highlandcattleScottish Highland Cattle In Finland: Calf eating delicious spruce branches
@stef1My ArtVenture: Acrylic painting: “Be my Valentine“
@marie-jayIn the dead of night (Freewrite)
@honeydueSent. (Down the Publishing Rabbit Hole Once Again)
@ruth-girlThe First Blood
@guiltypartiesGP Contests: Treasure Plate
@craigcryptokingWe Rescued A $2000 French Bulldog!
@raycomsMinecolonies & Several Improvements
@arthurgainPortraits in ballpoint
@michael.dimeMy journey in Greece (Thessaloniki) day 4
@theycallmedanMicro Look At Bitcoin & Effects It Has On Altcoins
@li-art❤️ Tutorial - Drawing GOLDEN FISH , art by @li-art 🎬❤️ Dtube❤️
@zyx066Eternal Shock
@birdsinparadiseHealthy Treats Valentine’s Day and an Opportunity for Kindness
@bowentroyer2 Minutes with the Farmer: Harvesting the Hydropodic Lettuce!!!
@acidyoZombie Battleground - Blockchain based Card Game
@stefaniavelizThe Cyberpunk Car El Auto Cyberpunk( Drawing/Dibujo)
@nagasonicKENDO BATTLE
@steemluckIntroducing SteemLuck – Pick Your Lucky Number!
@freedomtowriteDay 3 of 30! The Yoga Journey ~ Observe
@goldenoakfarmFebruary 15, 2019 @goldenoakfarm
@themarkymarkMovie Review - Days of Thunder
@thermoplastic📷 UNDINE FOUNTAIN in Baden bei Wien EN - DE

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

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Thank you so much for your curation and call-out.

I am @quillfire's daughter and this was my First Post ... a Roast of him in his "QuillFire Roast or Toast" Post, a celebration of his One Year Steemversary.



Welcome to steemit, Kathryn 🙂

Great dude. You are human.
Which hastag I have to use to looking for your curation?
Thanks for all you are doing for Steemit
You are my witness
Are you curating also music related post

˙sʇsod ɟo sǝdʎʇ llɐ ǝʇɐɹnɔ I
˙ɟlǝsʎɯ ʞool I 'ƃɐʇɥsɐɥ oN

My support for the manual curator is 100% helping beginner blogs in Steemit, thanks to @themadcurator

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Hi @themadcurator 🙂 thanks for what you're doing, human and real curation is what we need.