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100% Manual Curation

I find the best content on Steem and help give it more rewards and exposure. You can find all the posts I curated yesterday in the table below.

Author of the Week

Also keep an eye out for my Author of the Week contest where I give away 200 or more Steem Power to one deserving author weekly.

Daily Curation

Yesterday, I manually curated the following posts.

@guiltypartiesVeterans on Steem Daily Highlights - 15 Feb 2019
@veryspiderChildhood Memories - Art Contest
@clayboynCoffee and Philosophy Ep. 48 Announcement and Details
@acidyoPolitically correct
@li-art❤️ Tutorial - Drawing Portrait Beautiful Girl , art by @li-art 🎬❤️ Dtube❤️
@splCanna-Poker Tournament Saturday February 16th! Join Lucksacks Now to Play!
@portraitcontestSteemit Portrait Photography Contest WEEK 71 REMINDER!!! NEW THEME ANNOUNCEMENT!!! 1st 2nd and 3rd place STEEM PRIZES!!!!
@mrchef111How Much Money I Earned on YouTube for 1 Million Views on a Video
@schlingelnatterargentina 19 [eng]
@raghaoWatercolour portrait of dear sir @exyle
@luzcypherSteemit Open Mic Week 124 - See Who Played Open Mic
@themarkymarkGet Shit Done Contest 100 Steem Winner
@anira.art🍭 A lollipop 🍭/ #drathisinyourstyle + Step by step
@wnfdiaryMandarin Oriental Bangkok - Review of Hotel
@midletWinning! Thanks and behind the scenes of my 60 Seconds of Steem Video
@wwfWhy do we live off grid in such extreme conditions?
@oldtimerWild Animals
@theycallmedan20k STEEM Delegation Poll
@miroslavrcMusic video is out!
@edgarsartSquirrel Drawing By EdgarsArt
@francescomaiDigital artwork "6K gold".
@scrawlyNoblesse – Regis K. Landegre
@overkillcoinKangaroo on a Tractor (Looping Animation)
@shibasaki[日本語] 子供の頃の思い出 - アートコンテスト@veryspider
@steemchillerSteemWorld ~ Weekly Support ~ #23
@theycallmedanWhy You Should Create Content Consistently
@craigcryptokingTennis Court Bees!!
@elenasteemLizard named Rybik
@honeydueBroken Light
@li-art❤️ Tutorial - Drawing Portrait Angelina Julie , art by @li-art 🎬❤️ Dtube❤️
@portraitcontestSteemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 72 STARTS TODAY!!! 1st 2nd and 3rd place STEEM PRIZES!!!

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please help me also.I want to grow up on this platform

I think it's pretty nifty of you to do this with your time. I know the community appreciates members like you! Hope you have lots to smile about today!