Giving 200 Steem to an awesome Steemian

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Have you heard of @guiltyparties?
possibly, but I want to change that.

@guiltyparties is a witness, a veteran, and a key member of Steem Cleaners. He has 3,825.154 STEEM of which he delegates 2/3rd's of it to 33 different people with no return. He has 2,496 followers and has been on Steem since June 2017.

@guiltyparties spends a lot of time helping and supporting Veterans as well paying out of his pocket when trying to recover the rep of users who need it. While he doesn't do a lot of posting outside of his veteran curation summary and contest posts, he is a very valuable member of the community who does a lot of work behind the scenes. I'd love to see him posting more of his own content but I understand a lot of his time is spent helping others.

That is why I am sending him 200 Steem Power.

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Vote @themadcurator as witness


Thank you very much. That really helps offset all the recent losses. Really appreciate it. 👍

Great choice! A worthy recipient.

The Veteran community here certainly appreciates helpful Gestures.

I know some other awesome people on Steemit (including us :) ) can I nominate some? Also thank you so much for the previous upvotes on our articles!

@themadcurator just scrolling through the feed while doing my vitamin D walk outside and @for91days would deserve this for sure! Really helping others a lot on the platform (including me), and without @for91days travelfeed wouldn’t even exist. A great curation platform curating travel related content.

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How did you even find this post so fast @guchtere ? Enjoy your D-Walk!

Hehe this post was on top of the feed in the @partiko app. Testing the new IOS version during my walk.

Following your recommendations, I just sent @guiltyparties @portraitcontest and @veryspider 2 sbi shares each. Keep up the good work MC and I look forward to seeing your next featured member :-)

wawawawah, thanks so much <3 you are very kind !!!

....and you are very talented and very welcome my friend.

I love this Veteran Project, im part of it and really proud to get into it...

Do you know about the delegation contest the @theycallmedan is holding right now? The top 20 nominated projects will get 1000 sp delegated. If you have enough people do nominations, you can get into that top list. It's worth a try anyway.

I'm proud to support the Veterans Project as well. He told me about curation trails as a way to find more support, and now I follow half a dozen of them. Thank you @guiltyparties well deserved!

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Awesome dude supporting an awesome dude! I feel really upbeat about steem lately, I'm thrilled to say!
It's a pleasure to be part of it and to find more and more people who mean well and help steem move forward in the right direction to lay some long-lasting foundation of cooperation and emergence <3

Congratulations to @guiltyparties

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Great :)

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Cool... this giveaway can help a lot :) 200 is lot power :)
I'm sure this who gets it it smiles a lot.

Congratulations!!!👏🏻👏🏻😉🎉 @guiltyparties

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Thanks for choosing the right person.

That’s awesome!

Fantastic idea to help the new steemians grow.

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Good decision! :)

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I'll be following him. We need more users like him.

Congratulations @guiltyparties ! Well deserved <3 <3 <3

Great work, as usual, Maddie <3

Hey...! great choice it shows me that folks like you are really giving encouraging "pad on the back" to veteran steemians that are really adding value to this platforms since its inception. Congrate @guiltyparties and bravo @themadcurator

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This is a good candidate for support, I think. Working in SteemCleaners must be quite a difficult job since by nature it involves educating people on what they have done wrong and these kind of conversation are usually hard and unpleasant.
Congratulations :).

Great choice and this is a very nice initiative to help everyone grow and keep encouraging those who make this platform a better place to stay feel appreciated and supported. Thanks.

Very cool you're doing this.. SteemCleaners is a great initiative.

That is perfect! @guiltyparties is the most helpful person I have ever met here!

You're awesome as usual!
So generous of you buddy!

You should change your Name from @themadcurator to thecrazyhelper .

I'm awesome and I'm a STEEMIAN can I have the 200 STEEM? lol hahaha anyways goodluck on everyone!

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Congratulation @guiltyparties you deserve it and @themadcurator you make a bold decision 200 Steems is not a joke.

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@themadcurator Thank you so much , @guiltyparties absolutely great choice ! Love for guilty <3

Thanks for considering them!

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That @themadcurator is what I call a pretty sight
I am sure that @guiltyparties would be twice as pleased as I am :)
Who know Some day I might be at the receiving end :)

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