Giving 200 Steem to an awesome community

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Have you heard of @portraitcontest?
Not likely, but I want to change that.

@portraitcontest is a community that runs themed contests for original photography.

They have 907 followers which I would love to see hit 1,000 this week. The first featured author @shibasaki gained 17% new followers since I gave him 250 Steem Power. @veryspider the second winner of 200 Steem Power gained 7% new followers.

Surely we can get @portraitcontest 10% new followers this week?

@portraitcontest had 730 Steem Power, I just transferred 200 Steem Power bringing them up to 930 Steem Power!

Check them out and give them a follow if it is something you want to see more of! Into photography? Enter their contest!

Will you be next?

Vote @themadcurator as witness


If you are looking for a worthy project to help next @themadcurator, please take a look at @freewritehouse, by @mariannewest. She started this a year and a half ago with only the #freewrite tag, and now it is so much bigger.

Freewrite is a place where new people can come daily and learn to post on steem in a supportive environment. I have seem so many people succeed in the time I have been freewriting.

Take a look at any of the prompt posts on Marianne's blog and you will see how much she does to helps people with adoptions, contests, learning new ways to post, and on and on. She does this almost all on her own and I do not know how. I know she would be grateful for any help as would those of us who count on her daily.

Thank you for all your help to everyone. I see you on posts of little people a lot and we sure need that support down here.

Thank you. But please do guid me.

Amazing, as always, Maddie :D Glad to see communities are getting love too <3 <3 <3

Funny enough just before your post I uploaded a portrait series... haha like that coincidence... Cheers from Berlin

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Be sure to check out these talented people. Thank you for the information

So awesome thank you so much @themadcurator!!

Every one wants too

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Muy bueno

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Its done I have been following you my friends

Portraits aren't really my thing so I won't join their contests, but I'll follow them to see where they go, love seeing more and more projects on STEEM! We really need it! For a blockchain as old as STEEM is we should have way more projects! we have is a really really good community though!

Good spotlight, portraitcontest looks like a great and stable community :D.

Great post!
Keep up the good work!

On my blog / dtube channel you can find many different free accounts :)

my blog (just click)
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About your passing by, I would be happy, if necessary, about upvotes :)


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