Giving 200 Steem to an awesome Steemian

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Have you heard of @veryspider?
Not likely, but I want to change that.

Meet @veryspider

@veryspider is an active member of the Steem community who actively curates and mentors other Steemians. She has 3054 SP which she delegates over 2/3rd's to communities and does not delegate to bid bots.

She has 1,380 followers and I'd love to see that break 1,500 this week!

@veryspider is a very talented artist, which I would love to see more of her work.

The last featured author @shibasaki gained 14% new followers since the post I did and the 250 SP I sent to him last week. I am so happy to see that sort of response and would love to see the same for @veryspider.

I have transferred 200 Steem as Steem Power to @veryspider

Will you be next?

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴


Wow, mad curator, you are truly awesome and have excellent taste :o. Veryspider is indeed a special talent on Steemit, not only because she’s an excellent artist, but also because she’s very nice as a person. And a great spider.

Mostly a spider ! But thanks for the love, scrawls XD


A fine choice!

I have also transferred 57.5 STEEM to @veryspider over the past year due to her Engagement League performance. She is a credit to the platform for sure!

Thanks, Asher !!! I took a holiday last week but I look forward to get back on track :D


Yes I noticed, you are either right up there or nowhere to be found. I think that is a sound approach actually, taking breaks and then zooming back into action. Congratulations on your STEEM boost, fully deserved!

hahah yeah i couldn't sign on to steemit at all since internet was spotty! but yep, hope to get back on the saddle this week :)

And I've passed on the boosts to two new Steemians who are very talented who have been plagued by RCs constraints who probably needs it more than I do :D :D :D

Oh wow, that is very kind of you!

I'm looking at something current that could be used to help new Steemians - ones who are actually here to give it their best shot. It's a work in progress though right now.

We need more like you!

Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

That is where i have seen your name! Always a pleasure to get to know people deeper than just a name on a leaderboard. Can't wait to see your artwork!

Totally agree, she's all sorts of amazing. I'd happily help get her up past the 1500 mark but I'm already a follower.

aaaah, you are all too kind <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I love your project with your boys, so so so so much ! I always look forward to each update post <3 Thanks for the love, @bflanagin <3

Ditto to the ditto. I’m proud to say that I was in Discord when the Spoder appeared there for the first time. :)

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hahahah yesh, mazza was one of the first people i talked to at discord XD wow, feels like a while ago now ! keep on being awesome, mazza <3

Really good giveaway, I hate the fact that the STEEM blockchain is being used by spammers and bad content creators to make a lot of cash and remove the money from the blockchain, we should all help out the good content creators! With either giveaways, delegations or SBI! We even get something back by doing SBI giveaways!

ive seen quite a bit of her work. we share a server on discord :)
always makes me smile when i see their latest posts

So kind * ___ * Thanks so much, @dunstuff :D

Great taste!

And especially thank you! for leveraging some really qualitative work!

You will also a hundred percent benefit from the people you helped to gain grip in this ecosystem.
I think steem is a place where egoistic altruism can really work! ;)

keep it up!

Giving back is always the path to make oneself richer! If not in anything else, then in spirits :D

Ooooh @themadcurator, what a great post!!
You are sooooo nice~~~!!! :D
Dear my sweet granddaughter @veryspider, I am always proud of your passion and respect you!! :D kumo-chan~~

Jiichan ❤❤❤❤❤

Love jiichan's spirit and talents ! Kumo always looks forward to seeing jiichan's artworks and beautiful posts ❤❤❤❤❤

Awesome...and genuine 👌 loved this choice as well. She is quite talented and I know her from EL. No doubt she is the best when it comes to artist and at same time while curating.👍

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Thanks so much, @steemflow :) You're a great Steemian yourself !! Keep up being awesome~

Thanks @veryspider trying my best to be an awesome...just like you👍

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You are truly one of a kind @themadcurator.

I hope this generosity meets me someday.

God bless you!

I've been following both of them and they are very passionate about art. I have also learned some new techniques of creating art from them. They both certainly deserve the appreciation!

aaaa yashny! thanks so much <3 you are also very talented ❤❤❤

You're welcome @veryspider and keep your passion for art burning! Thank you too ♥♥♥

Congrats to @veryspider:)She is a great artist and one of the most active members of the community. She really deserves it and it will be a nice holiday present:) Very generous of you @themadcurator, it is a noble action to support the artistic community:)

Thanks, @georgeboya :D You are so very kind and it makes me humbled to read such message aaaaaaaaa ❤❤❤

It's with people like that that our kind STEEM will be very successful !

LOVE when people give back!
Being active, staying engaged and helping others... those are the perfect steemians to delegate to!

Congratulations @veryspider!!

aaa thanks, @goldendawne ❤❤❤

i also love people being awesome and generous and giving back so i've delegated the 200 Steem Powers through to new and talented people :D :D :D

Nice choice to receive the extra support, Mad Curator! And congratulations @veryspider, you deserve it!

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Thank you, @bleuxwolf !!! ❤❤❤

You’re welcome! :)

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Yeah you're a mad curator.
But I can't see any mad.
All I can see is gentleness and goodness.

This. 100%.

This is the kind of work that makes us still believe on this beautiful platform, cuz' the effort that we make to keep the growth of the community is returned to us twice.

Thank you @themadcurator, you just choose a TRULY AWESOME steemian, the little Spidey deserve this and more! @veryspider you're awesome!

hahahah thanks so much, ilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ❤

you are also very awesome ❤❤❤

Awesome! Congratulations @veryspider and thank you @themadcurator 😉 she deserved it because she's not only a good and active posters but also a really active and friendly engagers! Oohh.. I love this kind of kindness towards other😉

Giving back and kindness makes my heart swell, also, @cicisaja :D Thank you for such kind comments about me haha ❤

Hello! Thanks so much for such a kind and powerful and beautiful gesture :D

I'm really not that great but thanks so much for the support everyone !!! :D :D :D

Additionally, since I've been noticing others also can get a bit of help, I'll continue to delegate SPs so that new joiners can also get some boost :D

For this 200 Steem Powers I will be delegating 100 SPs to @arrr and to @sadheaven each for a period of 3 months :D

If you know a new, talented, engaged new joiners, let me know! I don't have a lot of SPs left but if I can help new comers enjoy Steemit better, I'll be happy to help out :D

Thanks everyone <3

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Great choice, i already followed her and i already know the beautiful work and the membership off the elite engagers of the engagement league,
I would love to nominatie @heyhaveyamet ( Ren ) and het mission to upvote all newbies and introduce us to them.
Oh and please stay MAD we need it !

thanks @brittandjosie :D and i think you are also a great steemian and i love your spirits and engagement <3

great nomination, also !

Thats sweet and about the nomination i hope that Ren @heyhaveyamet or her other account @xcountytravellers Will win

Awwww, thanks @brittandjosie. It is appreciated. I had no clue @themadcurator wasnt a newbie when i put him in the post. How funny.

He mad not New 😉👍

Congratulations spider @veryspider! :)

Awesome choice @themadcurator! Our spider is an amazing Steemian who supports countless causes and absolutely deserves your Steem ;)

aaah delis <3 thanks so much !!! always so kind and so attentive <3

Steem community is so beautiful because of people like you. Thank you so much for your generosity and for doing these initiatives.

Its my first time to see this post so I still don't know how you choose the next beneficiary of the 200SP. (I'll read your posts after writing this comment) Just in case you might be able to read this, please check out @mermaidvampire. The SP will help her a lot with her daily contests and curating red fishes/minnows like us. She's a minnow as well but she tries to help as many Steemians as possible in her own ways. I hope you'll get to talk to her soon so you'll get to know her better, her plans and future projects. =)

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Thank you so much, @meetmysuperego. I just saw this and this made my day. Stay awesome!

Normally I would put my hat into the ring but when I look around there are so many deserving people that I stop short of that.
I would like to nominate @jenina619 Who is very talented, deserving and very helpful.
Do visit her profile and see for yourself.

Thank you so much my friend👼☄😄 @thetimetravelerz

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Thank you so much my friend👼☄😄 @thetimetravelerz

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You are welcome.Good luck to you

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I'm very impressed with the generiouty of members in the Steemit community. Great work @TheMadCurator

She really deserves it :)

Thanks merv ❤❤❤ Love your curation works ❤ Keep up being awesome ❤❤❤❤❤

Wow! Excellent man, you are rich

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Good to see you supporting good users like this. Good work! :)

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Thank you so much for let me now so talented artists!

Happy meeting you too, @piumadoro :)

I am not recieving the payout for posts with amount less than 0.05$
Any suggestions

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This is wonderful thing I have seen on this platform. You are doing a great work.

Excellent @veryspider is my inspiration to see people like that with so much talent that they progress little by little. I cost myself to post my presentation but I know that seeing people like you will lose their fear and grief, success and greetings.

It's good work dear and If you don't mind please check my profile .


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Es bueno que reconozcan usuarios que se destaquen. Buena labor

It's great to know that such an awesome person exist!

XD such a kind comment <3 Thanks so much !

!aedi looc dam a s’tahT

Upvoted and followed!
@bitsy :)

Wow, i want steem power

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that's an awesome work for you sir, well generosity just can be earn easily. It's on you already, keep influencing more steemians who have a good work @themadcurator. Take care

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Awesome @themadcurator, and kudos to @veryspider, well deserved!

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Hey you! Thanks! I love your posts so much !!!

Thanks! :)

Wow! @themadcurator astonishing work! Thats the deal, just WOW!

Passed on 100SPs to you, dear Pirate!!! KEEP UP THE AWESOME ARTING ❤❤❤

Wow, it's so great that you do such things for these wonderful people and give such a powerful push, @Shibasaki is an incredibly talented artist and does a lot of useful things for everyone, I always watch his video and I want to put my musical instruments and take a brush in my hands that- would start drawing. A @veryspider is a wonderful artist whose work I really like. She supports me and says kind words to me, it has great value for me. I'm so glad you are helping these wonderful people, bravo @themadcurator! Respect!

Passed on 100SPs to you, my very talented musician friend ❤ You made such beautiful tracks and it is a HappyHeaven for my ears whenever I see your new work !!!!

Thank you very much dear veryspider, this is a big surprise for me today. Your kindness, care and support is tremendous value for me! I am motivated to new music! :)

I feel like I am becoming a happy heaven! <3

I would love to be the next recipient of SP delegation. 😄

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I am really pleased if you give some so . I am from Greece I have multiple sclerosis and I am trying to have a health life to change my situation, I will be thankful if you support me . Thanks a lot

😭😭 I want giveaways too and followers also. It’s hard for people from this part of the world to gain noticed on steemit! I really want to know why

Being noticed on Steemit has nothing to do with geographic location. It's all about the hard work like @veryspider said. It would help you to become part of a community or maybe join some contests. This way people will look at your account and you will slowly build your network.

Don't get disappointed at the beginning. We all were there :)

Please upvote my new post

I see that you have only recently joined, @toyimika.... my advice to you is to post daily for at least a month when you are beginning because every post is an opportunity to get new eyeballs on your account :)

but, it IS hard to be noticed, so please work hard!

if you can join Discord, it is a good place to also network and build your visibility :)

i get it, thanks
i have a new post though, i would not mind if you upvoted it

I can't think of a more worthy person to receive your generous gesture @themadcurator ~ Except perhaps @scrawly.

I don't know how either of them extend their time to be everywhere all at the same time. Apart from being talented in their respective creative areas, they are always there to support and guide others with their insightful and honest comments and suggestions.

Not only do they help others ~ They are both witty and humorous and 'on the pulse' and so it's always a delight to read EVERYTHING they say.

Congratulations Spider ~ Well deserved. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Ally is too kind * ___ * I feel weak at the knees just reading such comments ❤❤❤

It's a wonderful things happened in steemit. The merit of helping each other to grow and keep steemit alive. I SALUTE YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS @veryspider

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Thanks so much, @olivia08!!! :D

¡ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW sǝɔᴉoɥɔ ǝɔᴉu p: oʍʇ ɹoɟ oʍʇ sᴉ ʇᴉ ʍou lᴉʇun

@veryspider is one of my favourite Steemians. I’m so happy to see her get featured here.

I am sure the Spoder will be very pleased with your generosity. :)

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Hahahah, mazza is too kind * ___ * Mazza is also one of my favourite Steemians ❤ !!!!

And I've delegated the 200 SPs away to some new talents so of course I was pleased !!!! :D :D :D

Wooo congrats @veryspider!!! 💙💙💙 🎉🎉🎉

Thanks very much, @melooo182 :D :D :D

Ahh Spidey definitely deserves more attention for her beautiful arts and being probably the most sweetest spider ever!!! Peeps reading this: Go check her out! She makes the amazing art on the go without having to draft/sketch it out beforehand which is such an amazing skill~ Help the spider break past 15000 followers✨

thilah i think you put one too many zero there XD you are so adorable omg * ___ * i just wanna eat you up~ WHOLE~ like shelob to frodo baggins~......


................................. no, really, im the HARMLESS type of spider~ i swear !

...Oh god you're right(or are you... 15000 FOLLOWER MILESTONE FOR SPIDEY 2K19 LETS GO//NO)

Pffft yesh harmless and sweet spider, that you are haha

Well, yes, I have. Actually, it was @veryspider who found me first and I am always glad to interact. Did help raise the levels my respect for spiders in general.

All spiderkind is thankful for your awesomeness, in general! Love your posts, Manol !!! <3 <3 <3

Wow that one piece right there is spectacular art, at least imo.

Thanks for the heads up @madcurator

@veryspider is a model Steemian. Fantastic choice!!!

aaaaah thanks, @blewitt <3 :D :D :D

Wow this is an awfully generous gesture. I love the community love and unwavering support. This is more of what steemit needs. I’ve always preached the importance of manual curation for the future of this platform and connecting with other steemians is the perfect way to start. Thank you for turning me on to another influential user. @veryspider now has the support of another hardworking steemian !!

Let’s keep this thing STEEM rolling 💪🏻👌🏼🙏🏼

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aaah thanks so much, @conradsuperb :D !!!

For sure @veryspider

Looking forward to following your journey now 👌🏼

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Thanks @themadcurator didn't know @veryspider yet. Proud to be one of her new followers, what an amazing artwork she creates 😎

But is she currently on holiday because her last comment is from 7 days ago, and her last post a bit longer... 😔

Yes, @veryspider is on holidays ~ For a week.

Yeah! I've been away on holiday since I managed to post once every day for a year and I was burning out XD But I'm back now and I'll make new noise !! WAHOO~

Thanks for the follow <3 <3 <3

Hope you enjoyed your time off?🤗

Every day a post impressive work👍
You’ll continue with that?

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I think it almost killed me XD but I will definitely be posting and making noises :D

Hehe I can imagine 😅
Looking forward to your posts!👍

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Congratulations for @veryspider

Hi @themadcurator
Nice to read the post, I have a charity project for crowdfunding center based on the steem blockchain for disaster victims. You can check @indonesia-center
And we have some program for orphanage teenager @rumoeh.agam, we have a writing class, English class and many activities that we shared on steem platform.

Wow! Congratulate @veryspider !!! ))) A great choice for givaway!

Thank you so much, @veta-less :D :D :D

Congratulation to @veryspider
You are awesome on drawing.

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Thank you very much, @honoru !!! :D

Wow! You are awesome @themadcurator. 😀 You are such a kind and generous Steemian. 😀
@veryspider congratulations to you. 😀
Bright blessings! 😀

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You are most welcome @veryspider. 😀

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Well, i had no clue you were an established person when I put you in a couple of our posts. Your "introduction" was just so awesome that i had to share. I love that you are doing this. Glad i followed you. I will check out @veryspider. I am sure there is some amazi g artwork.

Mad curator is sure mad awesome :D

I have gone through her account and found posts are nice. Currently she has 1443 followers and will cross 1500 followers shortly. I have followed her and will read future posts. Thanks @themadcurator for such nice giveaway and prompting nice posts.

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aaaaaaaah thanks for the follow <3 i appreciate it !

@veryspider is awesome for the steemit community! When she took her very deserved break it felt like the community stood still missing the great comments :)

aaah ill try to get back on track soon ! i'm still catching up with so many messages at the moment, gimme a few days :D

thanks so much for such kind words, Sander <3

@themadcurator I am gonna say this @veryspider is one of the few generous people I have ever seen, I don't have much Steem power or anything because I am but I had, I would have loved to contribute LIKE @veryspider is doing.

aaah no, i am not at all that generous aaaaaaaah so many more people are doing so much good, im just a small contributor.... but you are very kind :) I see you are just joining Steemit, I'll be sure to help out if I can, so dont hesitate to poke me if you needs some support :D

For now, you've gained a follow :D

@veryspider Thanks for that but I own what I say, where I cam from, people like you are rare, I don't have much to offer to steem world because I am new and I am in the field of Environemnt and Global warming and People don't take much interset in such topics here so, I can't offer much but I am avaialble if you need any help regarding anything.

aaaah that is a very important field, as i think people should try to do more to look after our Earth ! you may be quite surprised that there are communities that value such topics, if researched and put together well!

This may be a good place for you to contribute to?

I will try to ask around which communities would be best for you to join, in order to get the most out of Steemit :)

@veryspider I started steemit to promote my Global warming and Climate change articles, I swear to God I didn't even know that this platform is used to make money as well. In such a competitive market selling your Steem power to help others is something rare and I respect you.
I love your sketch art and wish you the best of luck to continue your work.

What criteria do someone has to meet up with to be qualify for the steem.

Wow! What a talented artist! I like it very much~.

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Wow! What a talented artist! I like it very much~.

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Hi my friends!! Please follow me

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really appriciate your giveaway 200 steem @themadcurator

Congrats @veryspider! It is great what you are doing @themadcurator :)

Thanks so much, @eugelys !! :D

Out of this world talent! :))) VERY cool and nice of you to share the word about her. She has another follower in me. :))) I am going to also resteem, comment and upvote some of her posts to my 2499 followers to show my support! :))) Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)))

aaaaaaaaaaaahh so kind !!! you are a wondrous extraterrestrial being !!! <3 Thank you so much \o/

Like + like

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Disfruta de la votación! ¡Para un contenido más sorprendente, siga a @yeisson1993 para tener la oportunidad de recibir más votos gratis!

Oh, I'VE heard of @veryspider! And I'm glad you are making so others hear too! Such a wonderful addition to our Steemit world and especially to our artists world here on Steemit.

My fellow steemit artists make me look forward to going online in the morning instead of the usual dread I feel about it :)

Awwwww Donna !!! <3 You are so very kind, and so very talented, and I always love reading your comments and posts <3 I think you don't realize how much of a treasure you are, to others <3

Very cool!! Bring out the artists!!!!!

I just followed you. Love to learn from you

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