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What is your favorite post this week?

Share it below, and whoever shares my favorite will win 50 Steem and the post will get a 100% upvote.

It can be your post or someone else's.

Vote @themadcurator as witness


Her concept is simple and effective: make a yummee food, take pictures of mindblowing quality (like, magazine worthy), and share the easy-to-make recipe for us Steemians to make:

I always end up hungry and in doubt of my own photography skills after visiting her blogs.

Obviously has to be this in my opinion, amazing blog post well detailed and well written.

you're welcome, it's a brilliant post

I suggest for you to visit @mariusfebruary's feed, he post his own cover of Billy Arcila's music. This is his latest cover:

He did great performing the cover. Thanks for this opportunity @themadcurator. I just voted you as one of my top witnesses. cheers!

I´m quite new here, but this is an amasing artist, he´s drawing to prove he´s real :-) Anyone could post a wish for at drawing, and now he´s drawing his way through, and with lots of wit and humour. The examble here is of a more serious kind, but also an examble of the interactions he engages in. It´s my favorite.

This post broke the internet when it was posted. Im still laughing my ass off! This shows that us cannabis guys know what a good laugh is,and can be sexy as hell at the same time. @davedickeyyall you my main ho!
this dude is a f* good talented photographer! he just joined and we should support this dude, bringin amazing content to the blockchain

some nice photography

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This dude write amazing parenting stuff. In my opinion he needs more attention.

Here is my post. I just wanted to cheer everyone up by telling story about every dog that I photographed, few of them were rescued by us that got new owners some of them are just cute doggos. :D

¡Hola @themadcurator! gusto saludarte, besos y abrazo, esta es mi publicacion favorita:

Hey. What can be better than a lesson from the master of drawing? Right, nothing!

And if my post somehow coincides with your favorite, I do not want to receive an award, I want you to send this award to the author of the post, I think it will be right!

Since you seem to be a fan of music, in detail of cellists (he looks like a young Mischa Maisky), I would like to share the following post:
It shares some great insight about the wold renown cellist Yo-Yo Ma, the violinist Daniel Hope, Max Richter and many more.

Hello, what a great opportunity, My favorite. my latest collaboration video

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Of all the posts I have upvoted in the past week, this one was my favorite:

The reasons:

  1. The quality. It is quite well written with a storyline in mind.
  2. The length. I've written about 10 freewrites and never gotten this far.
  3. The details. He made the visuals enhance his story.

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I'm sending Steemitri The Mannequin Postcards (with STEEM LOGO Webstamps) all around the world :-)

I love this particular post, because it makes me think everytime

Hello, please check at my latest article
Here i tried to give easy steps how to draw using paint. Hope u'll like it ☺😊

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It highlights many of the advantage of using Steem as a place to play games from and even for development as examples. While trying not to sound to bias and only directly pointing to the platform a couple of times. I also toss some shade without naming any names at certain other blockchains and even games within them. Hence the way I named it.

With the amount of interest going around about blockchain games I wrote this as a long term piece that I hope starts to take off in non-steem views In 3-6 months from now. My non-steemit version of it that uses @engrave right now has very low ranking on google searches so far between results 60 to 90. As certain keywords and a game I included in there start to get searched and that that version picks up.

It will take some time to build up its seo ranking. Which I have plans on promoting on twitter and other social media as I build them up further down the road. Sharing it every couple of months to try and get some new eyes on it. While also making some slight changes to it in the coming months to make it look “fresh and maintained” to search engines.

Think nothing of the title of this post, it's the content that is amazing. Well written, well thought out and if you visit the page itself you can see an abundance of fabulous and informative posts

This is just one of the many good articles @hitmeasap have made

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hola!!! soy artista y mi publicación favorita es......🎨🎨♥️❤♥️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️❤♥️❤😍

I love your writing

On my blog / dtube channel you can find many different free accounts :)

my blog (just click)
my dtube channel(just click)

About your passing by, I would be happy, if necessary, about upvotes :)


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I am sharing my bad experience that i got by this scam.beware of this scammers plz don't do what they say.....
Here is my full post
Thank you,
Yours @summisimeom

this my second post in steamit.and first in dtube

Great initiative @themadcurator.

I'll share a post of mine not because it is a novel or something, but because I host a cool giveaway contest of 100sbi, but only for those who are here for the long run. If you find a few spare minutes check it out!

If I am the winner those extra steem tokens will be added to the giveaway. If not, I hope a few more steemians may read it and participate.


My favorite post for this week, is a post created by @paulag.

I think we really need a good application on steem blockchain that will show us more analytics.

Here is the post :

I dont know why I liked this post so much but I found it to be hilarious. Maybe it's just my mood this evening but I laughed out loud like 6 times as I read it. It's still cracking me up.

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I like this:

Beautifully put together, personal and intimate, and the typewritten captions are poetic and witty :)

Here ''Nature colors and the composition of the atmosphere. III'' by adrianobalan

The post is very comprehensive. It is well thought of, with complete details for a very good travel guide. The post is also well formatted with photos in very good places, in between paragraphs that serve as ice-breakers so reading does not get dozing.

I am gonna share this one.
It's the weekly @Steemskate curation report so I want to give exposure to every blockchain skateboarder.
Thank you for you time everybody.
Great contest man.

We all learn at some point in our life that we need to pull the handbreak, take a step back and sometimes rethink certain planned strategies. Many amongst us forget this and I think this poem should be read by those who have a heavy foot :)

I want to share my most recent post in this contest. I am an emerging artist on this platform, who wants to move forward and express his art to the community. For this I need your precious collaboration, to get more publications in my blog. check here @themadcurator!

you have to see the post of this girl called andreasalas, you will love her gif to graphite.

I love photos of chocolates, and these are handmade:

Awesome contest, look forward to seeing who wins!!

office hands up.gif
Este es un increible trabajo visitala y ve mas sobre ella tiene demasiado talento esta chica

This week i read a glorious form and lifestyle selection, it is why we homestead, in this the guy explain their decition for get this lifestyle that i love so much, and included the lovely to the family as a reason, and a great quality time with the children.

one of my work, I consider this as my favorite because I work hard for this. This is our project in school, it's a thesis but this is an introduction..can you read and tell me why i don't receive any votes from it, if it's fine to ask... I'm open minded so it won't hurt my feelings if someone tell me this aren't good..

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It can be your post or someone else's.

Uhm, well, ¡I'll bite! 🤑

If you really are one of those that actually READ and manually CURATE content. And who wants to laugh for a good while even when you 'think' that you are able to hold back TEARS of laughter. Then, in first place, I challenge you to read this next.

And if you want more of the same but this time sprinkled with love everywhere and some odd reflections, then continue with this one:

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