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Share it below, and whoever shares my favorite will win 50 Steem and the post will get a 100% upvote.

It can be your post or someone else's.


Thanks for everyone's participation!


Glad you liked my suggestion! @kotturinn deserves the upvote - and thanks for the 50 SP! :D

Thanks for mentioning me @soyrosa :) that was super sweet of you!

Absolutely well deserved :-)

Congrats, @soyrosa! ^_^


"Life is great, without it you'd be dead."

says it all, LOL!

Mr Curator, or I may I call you Mad? Please take a look at this guy:-
The subject matter may well be a little dry for some but its well researched absolutely top drawer writing.
Please give him a little visit, he makes a pittance in comparison to the effort and quality.
Thanks Mad, best wishes to you and yours :-)

Hi @themadcurator! Please consider this post:

It spot lights an amazing photographer and it's curated works. Have a great day!

Well since I did put quite some effort on this one, I will share my own post:


This is my favorite:
It's about some famous American outlaws. They left the United States to go to Argentina, as technology made it harder for crime to pay. It's more of a series than a single post and that is just the most recent. However, I think series will give people a reason to follow you and continue checking out steem for updates.
Thanks for your hard work.

My suggestion, obviously i shill myself, but im new to the platform and would love some exposure.

Since you said it could be my post I'll share mine...

What the future holds for blockchain based-games! A new economy starting! New markets opening up! I think it's worth reading, maybe not 50STEEM worth, really don't know, that's a lot of STEEM, but a small upvote would be great! Thanks for curating content @themadcurator

How great this initiative. Can I avail this? Keep it up and thank you so much.

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This post is Great not because i uploaded it , but I heard this from Elder Man that How world's inclining towards Education from Leaning .

My favorite this week:

It shows that the Steem includes real people and friends are made.


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This is a favorite of mine, but then I like rocks! And all of nature!

I would like to nominate this article by @nateonsteemit. He is always posting pictures of his chickens and it is always a good way to get the day started. Haha!

Woo! Thanks man, glad you enjoy the daily chicken! Soon there'll be new chicks in it! :D

i dont know if this is going to be your favorite but it sure deserves your upvote! Lumpias al Bosque
Yeah, i know is in spansih but whatever, you should do curation in spanish as well =P, also this post deserves the upvote cause that recipe is delicious!!

Okay, FULL DISCLOSURE: I've been trying to give this guy constant support since he is VERY consistent with his postings. Each of his sketches are not 'masterpieces' but he is steadfast to Steemit and he strives to art for his own purposes.

So, it's not that THIS particular post is super-duper-awesome-ground-breaking, but please check out the entire body of @antic's blog. He's the definition of "mostly overlooked".

Thanks, Maddie :)

I really need the 50 steem as I may power it up to be more active here on steemit, hereby My entry

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That's amazing!!

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Keep up the awesome work you do for the Steem community. 👍

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