What was your first Steem post about? Win 50 Steem!

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  • When did you find Steem?
  • What did you first write about?
  • What was your first impression?
  • Who was your first "fan"?

Answer these questions, resteem this post and win a chance of winning 50 Steem Power!

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  1. I found Steemit exactly 1010 days ago, on 18.05.2016

  2. My first root post (besides comments) was short presentation about myself, under introduceyourself

  3. As I was already in cryptos for several years by then, and a big fan of Satoshi's main ideas, finding Steemit, as a real usecase in a form of Facebook substitution - was a big thrill to me. However it took me some time to feel a full taste of it.
    Nowdays I am here on every single day of the year. Not every day brings new root post. some days only few short comments. Some days only a curation, reading, upvoting. But my time spent here vs spent on FB - is maybe 50:1 , or more

  4. My first fan was Tim Cliff

Thanks for great post, with nice idea @themadcurator

I don't need this shit under my comments. And this is not the first time from you. Comment spaming is bad (and most likely you know this fact)
Hence, enjoy my flag to you.

When did you find Steem?
Well, they told me about steemit as one of the best platforms and in March of 2018 I joined her.
What was your first Steem publication?
My introduction and then my life in the process of mourning.
What was your first impression?
At first I was a bit scared because this was something new for me, but if I can tell you that this platform helped me a little, the process of my pain kept me busy and today I thank my sister for introducing me to this wonderful community. .
Who was your first "fan"?
Maybe it was @cervantes.
Mis saludos.

Great contest! Thanks for offering it 🌷❤🌷

When did you find Steem?
For the longest while, i think it was over a year. I watched a fb friend share her Steemit blog posts on her fb account. So, that was 2016-2017. I signed up in Oct 2017.

What did you first write about?
The first 2.5 months i commented a lot. Then my first post was inspired by my online friend mentioned above. It was a Walkwithme Post. It was entirely exhilarating doing that post!

What was your first impression?
I was curious. I knew a bit about blockchain and cryptos and wanted to be involved in them. When i saw my freind starting to have her dreams come alive, she was making professional videos of her song -- because of support she had from the Steemit community, i wanted to really check it out!! I guess i was feeling inspired by the opportunity of something new and totally different than what I already knew. I was dealing with head injury so I made the decision to stick out the learning curve, take as much time learning as i needed, and to have fun with the process. If i got stressed or frustrated I'd leave it a while until my attitude adjusted. The more i learned the more determined i became to stick it out, and never give up.

Who was your first "fan"?
@lyndsaybowes was my first supporter. She was a tireless mentor to me. I likely wouldn't have stuck out the learning curve without her. Her upvotes were also encouraging and fun to get. Crypto was quite a rodeo When I started blogging! The first thing i got into, which was before i signed-up my account was @wwf's book "Graduating Life with Honours". He released one chapter at a time. I was so into the book! I think i chatted with him about it on fb until i could make Steemit comments. I'd like to think he was a fan but what i know is that our relationship began then.

Back to the question -- My first autovotes came from @sagescrub seeing that support was a game changer. It felt like i had my first fan! It was an awesome feeling 🌷❤🌷

Wow I was a crypto junkie LOL and I found Steem and I love to write post's a natural fit!!!

  1. We joined Steem in December 2017. We had just finished a long year of Touring and had a bit of time over the holiday break to research for different platforms and initiatives that we could foresee driving the future of the Music "Industry" and we stumbled upon Steemit!
  2. Our first posts was an introduction to our music and our mission as genre bending travelers. We then posted a personal story about a deep connection we had forged with Paris, culminating in a new song "Rocky Roads to Republique".
  3. Our first impression of Steemit was both positive and negative. We were moved by the large number of creative, motivated people on the platform. There were and continue to be a plethora of sophisticated initiatives that support the local community and help encourage the creation of quality content (shoutout to @Curie & @c-squared). The negative side was the steep learning curve that was/is required to understand all that is happening on this platform.
  4. @katerinaramm was the reason we found Steemit in the first place. She had written an article about our music and shared it on twitter. We have remained loyal followers of one another every since!

Thank you for remembering and mentioning me!
I discovered inspiring, uplifting music in your adventurous and original free spirit!
Proud to be a forever fan & friend of your melodies .. 💙
Here is one of my favorites and here is another one that became viral and was my first view of you!
Greetings from Crete, Greece

Now that was an awesome way to see a fellow steemian 😄 I had to click your link @katerinaramm for your favorite of @thetroublenotes ... yay they are awesome! Thank you for sharing that!

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1- I discovered the steemit by the hand of @duarte9sousa, great mentor of a project that intends to elevate the global consciousness, rooted in the identity of the portuguese speaking world.
2- My first post was a chronicle about writing, because it is an activity that defines me, falls in love and enlightens me.
3- At first, I felt I was being part of a community with great potential for cultural expansion, capable of assuming himself as a true digital nation, with all that implies.
4- My first fan was @matheusggr, whom I thank for the affable and tireless support, encouragement and recognition.

Eu que agradeço por ajudar a construir a comunidade como um todo. Precisamos de mais gente assim! Além dos ótimos posts!

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  1. I joined Steem in May of 2018

  2. I first wrote my introduction under the introduceyourself tag

  3. I was excited for this! Steem enabled me to meet people from all over the world, see how creative I could be, have fun doing it, and earning a little bit of Steem while doing it. What else could you ask for? :)

  4. @silvertop

I love posts like this as you get the chance to see how people respond! Great idea! :)

When did you find Steem?

Scott and I found Steem in July of 2018 and it wasn't until August that we were able to begin posting.

What did you first write about?

The very first post was our introduction post. You can view it here. Since we already have a website where we blog about our travels and adventures, I was accustomed to writing about ourselves so it wasn't difficult really.

What was your first impression?

At first I was concerned we would never be found or liked because after three previous years on Facebook (about 210 subs at the time) and YouTube (under 100 subs at the time) and not having any traction I feared this would just another failure to make us feel as if we were wasting our time. However, within two weeks we were completely found and taken in by @dreemsteem and @bluefinstudio's @welcomewagon.

Who was your first "fan"?

There were three people who grabbed on to us @lynncoyle1, @itravelarts, and @mirrors. These three powerhouses got us out there and introduced us. After starting @heyhaveyamet and learning about how to get new people introduced and promoting their posts in places like Steem Terminal (https://discord.gg/XZGPGpz) and on shows like Pimp Your Post Thursdays on the @ramblingradio I have learned that they really put an effort into getting others to notice us. So thankful for them.

Thanks for asking this, it's been really good to remember our roots in the Steem Blockchain Community.

So glad that our paths crossed here @xcountytravelers :) Hope you are doing well!

Lynn Sweetie 💗🌸💗 it's been too long! You're in my prayers often. I hope life is likea big yummy taco and a fresh cold cerveca with a juicy lime wedge. BIG HUGS

Me too. So appreciate you.

  1. I found Steem a few months before I made my account in October 2018. I used to read some blogs about travel, but later I decided to join the network and share some of my experience.
  2. Like many here, firstly I wrote an introduction post, then a travel guide through all seasons about one beautiful place near city I live in. Curie was generous here.
  3. Perpetuum mobile - how the hell it works! :D
  4. My first fan is @melinda010100, she helped me a lot when I was fighting with RC, she delegated me SP and made me stay here. I also wrote about her in this post.

Unfortunately, I've gotten no steem till now. I don't know how to make money online, I must study myself and I hope someone could tell me how to begin, I'll thank so much.

Hi @huongvu! I do not think there is any specific answer, just general one - a good content quality. You will hardly earn anything on just one photo and little of writings, especially at the beginning. Explore around, that's how you will learn the most. For many of us, Vietnam is an exotic country, so why not to write about some place and post it along with 5-10 photos. Or whatever that inspires you in everyday life. There are awards for science, art... and also plenty of contests for most different things... Right way is to write meaningful comments in order to become more visible. Good tags can help. And of course, frequently posting. People who have a high payout usually invested a lot of time in the Platform - don't forget that! Good luck!
P.S. Write about your New year and show s how you celebrate it!

  1. I joined Steem in March of 2018, but started posting in May 2018. I read much information about blockchains and bitcoins, and while searching something about it I found articles on steemit, so steem blockchain itself became the object of my interest.
  2. I first made juggling video for steemit.
  3. It seemed a little confused for me, but with very big potential.
  4. @culgin - it was one of the first commentators of my posts with interesting content.

Nice idea of the contest!

Another contest by @themadcurator, and another chance to win some steem.

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  1. I found out about Steemit in August 2017 too - @asperger-kids who back then was still a female mentioned it in one of her videos's comments. In fact I came around to comment on her posts. ;o)

  2. I started with an introductory post about myself. I received some warm welcomes and nice upvotes. As I intended to write about my life with Asperger's syndrome too some posts on everyday experiences followed. (I'm thinking about getting back to that topic now ...)

  3. I was feeling a little insecure at first and within the weeks this feeling increased. Finding out about the libertarian movement on (German) Steemit would add to this feelings of insecurity and being wrong too.

  4. I don't remember having a "first fan". I think @asperger-kids was happy to have another female with Asperger's around but we turned out to have different ideas about life and society.

I joined the community in August 2017. My first post was about my biography. I remember how many people answered me who greeted me with warm words, for which I am very grateful to them. It amazed me that I can communicate with people from all over the world. I especially want to thank @d-pend. It was he who first supported me. This is a wonderful person who is very talented and writes wonderful poems.

When did you find Steem?
I found out about Steem around 21 moons ago. If you are from Suriname and you are on Steemit there is about a 90% chance @faustofraser got you here. He thought I should give it a try and I created an account to observe what was going on.

What did you first write about?
After I made an account it took months before I finally posted. I did somewhat start the right way with an Introduceyourself post, in which I discussed topics I wanted to write about, some of which.. I never wrote about 😅. Most of my early posts were indirectly about how the platform worked.

What was your first impression?
I started getting active around the Berniesanders Haejin fights, which wasn't a fun period. Also a lot of big YouTubers jumped the Steem bandwagon. I struggled a lot how to deal with how the money side of Steemit was acting, which influenced my creative output.

Who was your first "fan"?
It's hard to say who my fan was, much easier to say who I was a fan of. I do remember @gogogadgetupvote and @pocketechange as two people that I engaged with. The person I admired the most back then was @ethandsmith (I'm still a fan). But yes, @faustofraser had my back since day 1. #ThanksBrada.

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#youarewelcomebrada :)

In my book you are one of the coolest dudes around, you are good in what you love and eventually without knowing you probably inspire more peeps than you can imagine.
Very often I think that I wished I was such a social person as you, with much passion that it's inspiring (yeah, without knowing you pushed me to read more...and I am a "boekenworm")

I told you a while ago...you will rock this place and the upcoming Surinamese accounts will have a light at the end of the tunnel to guide them in for some the twisted but very interesting blockchain universe in this specific corner, the STEEM blockchain.

Keep up the good work!

Hi, glad to answer these questions.

  1. When did you find Steem?
    I found Steem 8 days ago, on the so-called Valentine’s Day, when searching something via Google.

  2. What did you first write about?
    My first post is about traveling photography, with the beautiful scenery of Dong'Ao Island posted.

  3. What was your first impression?
    I was excited and attractived when I know that Steem is decentralized and users can make money by posting original contents.

  4. Who was your first "fan"?
    My first fan seems @luying, a beautiful young lady who got on Steem on the same day as me.

  1. Ich bin 09.2018 beigetreten
  2. Zuerst habe ich mich mit einem Beitrag vorgestellt
    Dies alles hat mich sehr viel Energie gekostet um mich so zu öffnen
    Heute bin ich Steem/steemit unendlich dankbar, dass ich diese
    Möglichkeit habe auf der Blockchain altes Wissen und vor allem die
    Achtung und Sorgfalt gegenüber der Natur und unserer Erde, öffentlich zu machen und zu bewahren.
    Das ganze Projekt hat eine riesen Welle von Aktivitäten bei mir und meinem Umfeld ausgelöst.
  3. Mein erster Fan war @neophilosoph, der mich immer mit seinen Kommentaren motiviert hat weiter zu machen und dafür möchte ich mich ganz herzlich bei Ihm bedanken

When did you find Steem?
In February of 2018, I recently completed one year: =)
What did you write about for the first time?
It was an introductory publication, giving me to know and about what I would write, although I should update it, I did not keep my word about not going to write about medicine
What was your first impression?
That there were MANY compatriots (Venezuelans) writing about the same: S
Who was your first "fan"?
@davt014 who always saw and commented on my publications, it hurts that he no longer uses steemit: '(

Started in July, 2017 when I heard about Steemit from @jerrybanfield's ad on Facebook. The way he presented Steemit really moved me as I always was looking for something that really rewards for your work. And eventually I joined Steemit.com.

I guess my first fan was @steemitboard.

I was not sure what was my first post, so I had to scroll down and make sure what my first post was.

Here is my first ever amateur Steemit post :P



First of all I want to thank you for your efforts around here!
Well for these questions i would love to answer them sharing my steem journey with you guys!!

  • 1: I found steem on December 2017 when the steem price was about 7$ i guess!

  • 2: After writing about me (the introduceyourself post) i start writing about how i got motivated to start parkour (motivation post).

  • 3: Emm I'm not sure i got any first impressions of anything lol, but it seemed a way to share my thoughts and earn some money at the same time!
  • 4: I believe that my first fan was Mr Robert (@r2cornell) he's a good guy trying to help newcomers!

It was nice sharing with others my story 😀 and your questions work as an interview questions lol!

  • I found steem just over a year ago as I was getting back into crypto (how silly of me)
  • My first post was a dream journal
  • My first impression was that I wanted to grow my account as much as possible, so that when this all became mainstream, I'd hold I nice chunk of stake.
  • My first "fan" I think was either @harktheshark or @moarafatshow, however I don't see much of either these days.

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What was your first Steem post about?

A.- My first Steem post 33 moons ago, was about exactly the very same 'thang' and same old, same old subject as my last & most recent post today 02/21/2019. ¿Novelty hunters among us? };)

When did you find Steem?

A.- 33 moons ago. One day when I obtained 'permission' from other almighty gods and goddesses of an Olympus mountain elsewhere, to do what came out from my royal digital balls-sack whatever I would like, where I would like, when I wanted and as I wanted freely. :)

What did you first write about?

A.- Read again, this time deeeeper the first answer above.

What was your first impression?

A.- I suspect it'll be better just share the #tags I used on that very first post to give you an approximate idea of my first impression. ( #steemhopes #experiments #noobhumor #Originalcontent ) Yeah! only four. :p

Who was your first "fan"?

A.- I dunno about 'fans', but I think my first follower was someone whose username was a-0-0-0-whatevah or something like that. Long gone & deleted from my list of Dead Followers.

Yeh yeh yeh yeh... let's resteem this post and win a chance of winning 50 Steem Power! 🤑

I found steem 11 months ago that's 4th March 2018 from a blog post. The name of the blog is blogtrovert.com where the author listed website that pay people to write.

I loved poems so started posting my poems which I have written before I knew about steem. But the exact first post I made was my introduceyourself post.

I thought steem was like Freelancing where I have to write a post and get paid in dollars immediately. Little did I know its a community and cryptocurrency based.

My first fan was @hr1 he will always come around to read my poems and give me a huge upvote as well.

I got to know Steem from Facebook at the end of February 2018. After knowing a little about Steem and Steemit I finally created an account in Steemit.
On March 3, 2018 my account was approved and I still don't know what to do. I just read various posts that I saw how they could produce works and get money from these posts.
Finally I made the first post of an Indonesian poem
I don't dare say my fan. but the account that first gave up vote is @puncakbukit. I also got that in the second post, a story that I found interesting. the title is I like after coffee.
The impression I first made was that there were many feelings mixed into one. there is hope, worry, worry and inferiority. Initially I did not have the confidence of seeing someone else get a good response up to vote comments, resteem or curating that was so great. however, I did not back down. I am sure that someday there will be an opportunity to be able to grow like any other household.
Thank you @themadcurator
Warm regard from Indonesia

  1. Someone special introduced me to Steemit in March 2018 and then I started to spend a couple of time to be here.
  2. At first I wrote about My self-introduction, and then about my experience: my first snow.
  3. I think it's not as easy as I think. Being a part of Steemian, we must have good relationship with others, joining the community, and being more creative in posting the posts.
  4. My first fan is my special friend, a senior steemian from my hometown, Aceh, Indonesia, @ayijufridar. He also the one who introduced me to Steemit. He taught me HOW should I dealt with it.

Hello @themadcurator!

  • In Steemit, I joined in January of this year (41 days ago)
  • My first post was about my music, I shared my work and made an introductory post!
  • First impressions were good, I immediately met with great artists and musicians, met many sympathetic and friendly people.
  • The first fan was my childhood friend, an artist from Warsaw named @Arrr, in fact, he led me to Steemit, for which I am very grateful to him.

A family friend one day brought over someone who was a very big believer of Steem. Pitterpatter was so much of a believer in the platform that she went around looking for people to spread the word about it even to complete strangers in person if needed. She ended up being my first and longest fan that supporter anything I created. Regardless if it was something she enjoyed or not. I want to say that was back in April or May of 2017.

Since I’m a gamer when she first said Steemit I thought “Steam what?” Steam does not have a blogging platform! I thought the concept of the platform was rather strange and I did not sign up right away. Since I had mind BTC before then and had gotten out of the cryptocurrency world I was somewhat interested in dipping my toes back in so I ended up anyways at one point.

The first thing I wrote was not a blog post but many comments. I went on a bit of a blitz of comments in my first few days on Steemit writing some longer than most peoples posts. I felt that was a great way to learn about the platform and meet some new people before I wrote my introduction post.

It was on a Fifty Word Story Contest. That concept of #fiftywords is writing a story in just 50 words. Not sure if @literature-trail was the first to start it but that where I started. It has over time stopped and been started again by a number of people. I’ve not written one in some eight months.

@jayna was the last person I know to pick up the torch for it again and it looks like she has evolved it into up to 250 words under #microfiction. I think for old time’s sake I will write another 50 words. My followers tend to give me eye roll over it so I stopped at one point.

It was my intro post, duh

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  1. November 2018
  2. It was an introduction post combined with natural methods for acne.
  3. This seems like Reddit and Facebook combined. Also, SteemIt pays me for upvotes. 😮
  4. I think my first fan was @tbaumer2, a few people upvoted my first post and followed me so I don't remember exactly.

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When did you find Steem?

January 2018

What did you first write about?

Silly google map image

What was your first impression?

The UI is horrible, like back to 10 years ago.

Who was your first "fan"?

@honoru probably is my first true fan.

  1. I joined the Steem blockchain a few weeks before it literally boost its price, it was on Nov 2017.

  2. Aside from my intro post, I wrote about the Light show that happened at the Marina bay (Singapore). Basically, it's about my photography. This is the post: Magnificent Light show

  3. I got tired of the usual social media like Facebook & Instagram and I literally had a 1 year paused on all my social media activities. Until I realize how different Steem / Steemit is. Unlike the FB & IG, Steem(it) is abundant with "optimism" and like-minded people. That's why I stayed even at this bear market. I'm still here because of the community.

  4. Sorry to say that they are not consistently active anymore, the persons who invited me to join Steem(it) - @travelingmercies @erangvee - I hope they come back to Steem(it) soon, because they are both awesome Steemian.

Thanks again for this great idea of reminiscing the good old days, not that I'm saying we're having bad days, in fact I can confidently say that we are going through the most exciting times of our Steem blockchain. Cheers!

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 27% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

I found out about Steemit late December 2018

Aside from my introduction post it would be about my fashion sketch that I first posted here

I thought I need to learn a ton of editing skills before I can post

My first follower I would choose the non-bots first and that is marcusmalone

  1. November 2017. I signed up to give someone a worthless upvote for a worthless airdrop if I recall correctly.
  2. My introduction post, very embarassing. I hope I improved.
  3. First impression was It has potential, but needs more development. I will wait for the bull run to end before taking Steem seriously.
  4. My relative, some other people in Korea, maybe some paid shillers and ico promoters.

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When did you find Steem?
I was read an article on medium. a blogger wrote a post to introduce Steemit

What did you first write about?
I write some bible devotions on the beginning.

What was your first impression?
Steemit web site is not stable. Always down on march to april 2018.

And i want to write something on blockchain, but i got no respond on steemit, no upvote (like), no reply.

feel lonely.

Who was your first "fan"?
My First Fan on steem is @ericet. @ericet and @softmetal with me to co-form a chinese steemian community @team-cn on April 2018.

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  1. I found the steem at the end of August last year and registered my account on the 5th September.
  2. I wrote a photos post about night view of Paris. Because I thought the photos were nice. The steemians would appreciate them.
  3. Very interesting. We can get votes and earn block chain currency on the Steem.
  4. I think @cherryzz is my first fan. And she taught me how to write the post effectively.

When did you find Steem?

I found Steem in June 2017. I was facing some major life transitions. My blog ended up being self-therapy, a creative outlet, and a connection to a new world of people.

What did you first write about?

My first post was entitled You Might Be Suprised Why I Give My Children An Allowance.

I have consistently created content about family, freedom, and faith.

What was your first impression?

First Impression - So I can really make some money doing this!
Second Impression - Community and engagement are key.

Who was your first "fan"?

@reddust was the first person who really made an impact on my Steem journey. She was engaging and authentic. I am so glad our paths crossed.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for this nice post. I really enjoyed reading the comments as I am an utter newbie to Steem. It's nice to read how everyone started somehwere! :-)

When did you find Steem?
I found Steem a few months ago, but forgot about it. Let's say life got in the way. But since 5 days (I think) I started to explore it.

What did you first write about?
I first posted a short video to introduce myself. Quite a leap as I am not very comfortable showing myself on video! :)

What was your first impression?
Complicated, haha! Although I am an pc-freak since the early stages (oh, how I miss my Comodore64) I find Steemit complicated, BUT amazingly refreshing... Really looking forward to getting to know the hang of it.

Who was your first "fan"?
Don't have any fans yet! :-o So please, accept this kind invitation to follow me, send me tips & tricks, talk to me,... I'm looking forward to connecting with you.

See you soon!

  1. I found Steem on February 12 or 13, 2019, while searching on google and clicked on an image of one of the Steem member. I cannot remember who is that steem member is, because I keep looking around on the steemit web site and watched some video about the steemit on a youtube channel also.

  2. So after I know and understand about the steemit, then I started to signed up with steemit on Friday, February 15, 2019, and steemit sent me a verified email on Saturday, February 16, 2019, to let me setting up my account. I made a green smoothie on that day, so my first post on Steemit is a "Detox body with green smoothie". A smoothie made from green vegetables that can help to kill cancer cells.

  3. My first impression was my first post vote from 'cron' steemit member.

  4. Hmm.. I think, 'marcusmalone' was my first fan.

Found out about steem about 1 year 2 months ago from great photographer Ben Von Wong post on instagram, had a tab of it opened for few weeks, then 2 weeks of waiting for the acc.

Wanted to start with a bang :D so i did a travel story from the mountain trip, with all the photos and video.
(click on the photo to see the post)

my first impression was "if this people in trending make this kind of money, i will certainly earn for my first drone" oh how naive i was (no drone one year later :) ) had no idea about whales, vote bots and all that great things.

I just realised when i was doing my 1 year post that one of my first votes was from jasonrussell, and he is still around. can't say that i have fans.

It wasn't Introduction. Straight away...

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  1. I started on steemit in november 2018.

  2. My first post was a very shot introductions about my as a writer and what I will be doing here.

  3. My first impressión was that here are many people working almost for nothing but very happy.

  4. My first fan was @lecumberre.

When did you find Steem? September 2019
What did you first write about?
About crypto exchange, because most time , I am traded in those crypto exchange , during which I chatted with friends and was introduced to steemit.
What was your first impression? and Who was your first "fan"?
I got to Steemit's first impression. There are a lot of robots here, because my first few fans are robots. At that time, I didn't know that they were robots, because when have people came to visit my post, I would add them as friends.

Hello @themadcurator, I found Steem last year ago,exactly, February 2018.
My first steemit post is "Introduction myself".My first impression was that my writing skill has improved and i got knowledge about cryptocurrency .My first "fan" was @aggamun.He supported me .He told me about the Steemit.Thank you for reading.

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Hi. @themadcurator
This is generous supporting. I found STEEM in 2017. I had learnt about cryptocurrency from internet and online friends in 2016. And then I knew the Steemit and STEEM.
I first wrote about introducemyself in that time. It was difficult because of my English. There was a little community for my language. So sad!
My first impression was a huge payout from trending post.
My first fan was @mmunited. He supports me from the time we met until now. Big support!
Thanks you so much. A lot of hugs!

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Thanks @aggamun but I a lot of people are participating so the winning change is very slim. I am not very lucky in this type of contest. I will not participate in this giveaway. Good luck guys.

When did you find Steem?

I found Steem on 27th june 2017

What did you first write about?

My first post was "I'm new here" - If I look back it is really akward for me that I posted something like that. But hey, I was new to Steem and still had a lot of questions about it...

Another post I made shortly after I created my account was about my trip with the cruise ship AIDA. It is my most successful post (regarding the payout of the post) so far:

What was your first impression?

I really liked Steem from minute one, I had some problems to understand all aspects of the blockchain but in my defense: It is not sooo easy to understand and I still don't know everything about Steem after almost 2 years here.

Who was your first "fan"?

My first fan? I can't remember, but @gingenetwork was the first Steemian that commented on of my posts, so I will pick him as my first fan 😄

When did you find Steem?- two days back
What did you first write about? - I have written about 3D food printer
What was your first impression?- Best impression that i had with one follower ;)
Who was your first "fan"? - @Rise-me-up

  • I have found steem on july 16 2018
  • My first post has been about the history of Rennes Le Château, a small magic countryside town in the south-west of France
  • My first impression was... "Oh this is cool!!
  • My first fan has been @nicola71 He has supported and appreciated me a lot! Thank you my friend!
  1. I jointed steemit in August, 2018
  2. My first post was Introduce yourself under the introduceyourself tag.
  3. I was very excited about this and again grateful to the friend who who introduced me to steemit. I was equally happy for the yet another opportunity to make wonderful, interactive, educating community and lovely people as well a supportive community giving me opportunity to earn money.
    4.It [email protected]
    This kind of post are great indeed as they give one the opportunity to know how others fell, i love it
  • I found Steem in February 2018.
  • I first commented a feature suggestion and made my first post 16 days ago.
  • My first impression was very positive but also that this would be challenging and not very easy for me.
  • My first fan maybe @steemitboard although I believe I do not have any fans.
    Thanks and good luck everyone.
  • I didn't find Steem, Steem found me through some Facebook advertising from a person I rather not mention at the beginning of January 2018.

  • My first post was my introduction in English.

  • My first impression was really good. I began posting when Steem was pretty high and I was able to cash out about 200 dollars in my first couple of weeks. Even though the rewards came down heavily I kept posting almost every day. Now I'm a Minnow II, according to @steem-plus plugin.

  • My first "fan" was @cervantes, they really supported me in my first posts,. They voted my spanish introduction and when I cashed that out I knew this was for real.

  1. I found Steemit in May 2017
  2. My first post: https://steemit.com/cadastre/@irastra/how-to-steal-sweden
  3. My first impression: no one notices, it's like throwing something into an abyss of darkness, otherwise it was easier and quicker to find some information on Steemit then elsewhere
  4. My first "fan" was @steemsweden

Greetings and thank you for your fun post. 😄

  1. I found Steem around February 16th or so, when I was trying to set up an account with DTube. I was directed to Steem and was immediately intrigued with the blogging. I signed up right away and few days later was approved, so I got to it.

  2. My first article I was unsure of what really to say first. I called it "Job's Curse; Stolen Family" and it should have actually been my introduction but I did not know yet to call or tag it as such. I mistagged it actually and it never circulated at all, which was super disheartening. I did write and tag my next article for introduction however, it did not have my story in it the way the first did. https://steemit.com/life/@chelseasummer/curse-of-job

  3. My first impression on Steemit was that it was hard to ever get noticed. Then, it was hard to stay a participant. I had run out of steem before I really could even understand it, and was waiting 3 days to be able to write a post or comment. I was growing quickly dismayed when I finally reached out to the first person who had helped me, @partiko. He delegated 30 steem to me so I could participate again. That kind of raised my spirits again. Much thanks again, @partiko.

  4. Within my first couple of fan/followers I believe was @familyprotection and I am so grateful. Much love @familyprotection It's an amazing thing to be able to gather in a community with others of a like mind and heart. That in itself gives me motivation. Excited now to be here and be part of the steemian community as a whole.

I also love seeing the fun font of the @madcurator comments around. Best wishes and successes to you! Catch ya around on the block!

The law of attraction!!

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Buen dia

  1. Encontré a steemit hace aproximadamente 20 días, gracias a algunos vídeos de youtube que recomendaban a esta red social como medio de comunicación.
  2. Lo primero que escribí fue mi presentación sobre nombre y de que lugar soy, añadiendo ademas que me encanta la fotografía.
  3. Desde el principio estado curioso sobre como funciona esta red social, y digo que he estado porque todavía no se realmente como funciona o como trabajar en ella a nivel general, pero poco a poco iré trabajando en el conocerla y sacarle el mayor provecho.
  4. Mi primer "fan" en este poco tiempo es @marcusmalone que fue mi primer seguidor.

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