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Just a reminder, to receive the votes from @dynamicsteemians and @dgi you must be voting with our curation trail 'dynamicsteemians'. To help acheive this, please adjust steemauto settings to 1% up to 15% fixed. Please join our discord:

or leave a comment here to help gain back the votes once you adjust your settings.

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I as usual following with 10% and didnt update any settings... I will check soon as I reach home

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hello friend, I have followed his trail for a long time and he did not publish, before yesterday I did it and got votes, but not today. if I have always voted and well, why do I now move? I already raised the% of vote

My friend your voting mana is really really low! Its 6%! You need to recharge. I suggest pausing all steemauto settings and let it recharge. Should take around three days.😬

I don't know what you guys are looking at @dynamicsteemians but I've followed your trail and the others at 25% fixed from the start. I just checked. Maybe something odd on your end?

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At 25% you will drain your vp and/or not vote all the time. May I suggest changing to 5% fixed or a more manageable % even 1% fixed is fine. Scaled is not a optimal setting

I have never used scaled on any of the trails I've joined, only fixed. My voting threshold is set to 99% to keep my VP high, right now it's at 98+% on steemworld which I check regularly. I have 11,000 outvotes and almost 9,000 invotes.

I set it up that way so my VP stays in the 90's.

I wonder if it's the number of trails I've joined (nine) that might be the issue? Maybe my votes are spread out between too many trails? I will edit that so you guys get more votes from me.


I went to SteemAuto and edited my trail list to support only the accounts that support me. Dropped from 9 trails to 5. I also found your fanbase and joined that. I will be buying more STEEM in a few weeks to upgrade my SP so my vote is worth more. Hope that helps! :)

May I suggest following at 1%-%5 fixed. 1% is fine. 25% fixed will drain your vp fast and limit your curation opportunities.

Ahhh... I see. That will increase the number of votes. Ok, I'll go in and set all my votes to 5% fixed. Thanks.

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Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 5.57.02 PM.png

I was already at 5% for curation trail. do you mean fanbase?

No, but if I recall right you are not voting a majority of the time.

Please analyze your voting mana and compare your votes with our groups votes please!

Its definitely because of my voting mana. I delegated a lot of my SP recently to take advantage of the whole magic dice token delegation thing. I don’t mind if I don’t get a upvote for a while but once I get a higher manna will I auto join back into the trail or will I have to let you know.

I changed my limit on manna to 1% will this work?

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 5.10.29 PM.png

Removed? I'm on your trail for 50%

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Steemconnect is down for me or I'd screen shot. No worries I'll just edit and leave dgi.

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50% scaled is not allowing for your account to activley vote with the group. It has been recommended to follow with a fixed % not scaled. 1%-15% fixed is advised to allow for your account to vote actively with the group.

As to your weird threat of leaving @dgi... Are you delegating to it? Is that what you meant when you said un following @dgi?

Shrug. Thanks for the votes I'll be edit it no worries. Besides my other accounts on my trail.

Best of luck!

And if you would like to talk reasons message me on discord and read your previous messages. But yeah thanks but I'm gonna apply that voting power elsewhere.

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If your going to act like a bi polar crazy dude in the dm and harass people because you cant follow simple instructions or just want the groups vote without giving your vote back then please stay away. You keep coming back though. Ill just not add you anymore and be thankful if you ride in on your horse again to our trail just to have your name on it.

Ohhhhh doesn't me to follow your new instructions. Got it.

Hey I'm not the one who spazzed.

But hey can't fix stupid!

Like I said I'll just take your shitty service off and use my accounts to help someone who isn't a rude insulting ass.

By all means think your going to tell me what to do? Naw.

Let's have this conversation in person and I bet you dont run your mouth like this.

No respect and demands of more.

If this was an issue why wasn't it politely asked? No.... Gonna kick you off! Lol cool! Fuck you Fuck your shitty service and self righteous attitude.

Like I said, but you don't run your mouth in person.

Don't take it personal bitch, it's just business.

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Please get help. You really need it.

Lol judgemental much?

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What I could use is someone honest about his motives and not whining about getting votes. Demanding to throw me off over a $0.01 vote? Shit go ahead. And act stupid on blockchain?

Thanks for the new comedy materials! Your right up there with the cow farts and cowpocylapse.

Flexing over a penny vote. Hahaha!

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Take away the penny vote... I dare you. This is so funny.

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Way to make and keep friends. But not all friends and things are forever. Peace!

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Dramafarmer, lol !popcorn

Haters gonna hate. At least I'm not fake.

Nice @jonyoudyer.... Lol had your hateraid I see. How's that big fish small puddle working out?

here is the proof.

Its pretty simple to see you are not actively voting with our group.

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I just modified the configuration of my steemauto and share2steem. Now I follow the trail with 15% fixed instead of 30%, please let me know if it is enough to be back in the trail or if I need to adjust a little more, greetings.

Ill keep a look out. Keep in mind 1% fixed is fine too. Its all a matter of how much curation you want at that point. Thank you by the way!

I made some calculations and 15% was not going to work, I made a readjustment to 5% I think is enough.