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Great news !!!!

Application is and has been opened up for Top Curators for the week to recommend up to 3 new curators per week. This week starting 8th October - 15th October. Top curators for the week are :-

CuratorCurator ScoreApproval Rating

I am now assisting top curators to recruit verified and active steemians to join our team to curate and help new steemians get recognized and rewarded on their exceptional posts.

To ease the process, these are few of the guidelines which will help steemians who would like to join our team.

How does @curie work ?

  • As most of you have noticed by now, project @curie has been running over a year and upvotes from @curie ranges from $70 - $140
  • To get voted on by @curie , your posts will be found by the many curators under project @curie and then submitted thru @curie's portal. If the post is approved by @curie's reviewers then the post will receive the upvote from @curie
  • As a steemian you do not have to do anything but create good content. We wil find your posts if it meets the criteria

Who is able to apply be a curator ? ( you must meet all criteria )

  • You needs to be reputation 40 and above
  • You must be verified at least have a introduce yourself post. verified as in a introductory post which verifies you are who you are preferably either a photo / a video
  • You would need to be an active steemian meaning to say that your most recent post should not be more then 14 days old
  • You should not have any downvoted post by @cheetah or @steemcleaners over the past 30 days ( getting notified by @cheetah sometime happens which is ok however if you have been downvoted by them then your application will not be valid)

How do I apply to be a curator ?

  • You can message top curators on directly. They will tell you their criteria on their application process. Only if you can meet their requirements / test , they will then recommend to @curie operations
  • You can leave a message in the comment section with your name and the curator you want to get in touch with.

Example :
I want to be a curator - chat id: @someawesomecurator mentor : @biterec

I tried contacting top curators however they are not responding to my message

  • Firstly, DO NOT SPAM them with your links. You may be automatically blocked by doing that
  • Be patient and wait for a reply. We do sleep sometimes also.
  • If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, do message another curator. Please do not message ALL curators at once. We do have our own internal chat and if you are spamming, your application will be rejected without question.

What do I benefit as a curator for @curie

  • You get to help new steemians get their posts recognize and for most new steemians they will receive their very first big payout with @curie's upvote
  • Every posts which gets proposed and approved by project @curie , the recommender will be paid a finders fee. This week is 20 STEEM for each successful find. Recommending your own posts are NOT allowed and will be rejected.
  • All curators are being rated by for every post recommended. The number of posts which can be recommended will depend on your curator score.
Curator ScoreApproval RatingNumber of Posts
CS =>5AR =>85Unlimited submissions
CS =>2 to <5-15 submissions
CS =>0.25 to <2 and new curators-2 submissions
CS >0 to <0.25-1 submission (perpetual)

So if you think you cut it as a curator and help other steemians, please read the above and understand the requirements. Top curators gets tons of request however most applicants will drop-out after thinking there is just too much to do and expects shortcut to be recommended to be a curator.

If you are up for the challenge, come and join us !

Cheers @bitrocker2020


This is a good information and i will love to be part of this wonderful project.

I want to be a curator - chat id: @smyle

Mentor : @bitrocker2020

Great work ;) Nice post ;)

I want to be a curie curator
Chat id: @raviraj
Mentor : @bitrocker2020

I've joined and signed up to @curie
I have sent with the amount of 0001 sbd to @ streemian account
but I have not been able to post a decent post
how to go next?

I want to be a curator ID @easytyga Mentor @bitrocker2020

Hey @bitrocker2020. I've been very interested in Curie ever since you guys hit one of my posts when I was 5 days in. I even published an article about curation efforts yesterday, which you can find on my blog if you are so inclined. Curie figures heavily in that post.

I am interested in finding out more about what it takes to be a curator. I can be found on or Discord username:mikepm74
Preferred Mentor:?? I am familiar with @geekgirl, but I am not choosey. Just interested in having a chance to talk to someone to see if it would be a good fit on both sides. Thanks!

I'd love to be a curator, though I've not really spoken to any curators (past or present) that I know of, unfortunately.

I want to be a curator - chat id: @bucho

I want to be a curator :chat id: @sweetestglo-eu

Mentor: @bitrocker2020

Y'all are doing an awesome job.

I love this,have hoped for such opportunity
Great information, i will love to be part of this superb project.

I want to be a curator - chat id: @jeaniepearl

Mentor : @bitrocker2020

Hey guys.
I'd love to be a curator - chat id: @sammarkjames
mentor: @geekgirl or @bitrocker2020 - both have posted or resteemed about topics I relate to!

I think becoming a curator is a call to service in the steemit community. I present myself to be considered for service of a curator.
My Chat ID is @praise-eu

My Mentor is @bitrocker2020

I will love to be a part of this... My chat ID is Hamzeto on steemit chat

Hi! well I've been on steemit over a year and curating content in spanish with cervantes team for over 3 months and is a great job, and yeah, we usually sleep haha even tho I'd ike to give a help to the english content too (I've seen some gems that need some recognition)
my id is @aneblueberry

Oh, and just now I've realized I forgot to put the mentor. I'd like to be you, if I get the chance to be elected.
so, mentor: @bitrocker2020

I would be interested!!!!!!!! @bitrocker2020! i'm @jasonrussell on Please message me at your convenience!

This is cool i would love to be a curator id @ewuoso

Mentor @bitrocker2020

I really want to be part of this.

Chat 🆔 : Bobman
mentor: @milosm2302 / @bitrocker2020

I meet the requirements for curators and would like to be considered
My Chat ID - @churchboy
Mentor ID - @bitrocker2020

Hi! well I've been on steemit over four months, I usually post interdiary, so I would have time for this job and one of my jobs at the moment is translating into Spanish the novel of @ papa-pepper

my id is @soymanu

Mentor : @bitrocker2020

This is a great opportunity to serve the community better.

I want to be a curator - chat id: @maintain4real-eu

Mentor: @bitrocker2020

@bitrocker2020 i want sir.. im from indonesia
what i can do. please your guidance

I want to be a curator - chat id: @plojslydia mentor : @misterakpan

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One of the great post. Thank you for sharing.

This information is a good one, and I'll to contribute if chance given.

I want to be a curator - chat id :- @honourmaus
Mentor : @misterakpan

is it too late to apply?

I hope someday would be qualified as a Curator :)

Very useful news for me, thank you.

I want to be a curator - chat id: @roberto.ueti

Mentor : @bitrocker2020

Great post thanks for sharing

I want to be a curator ID @fr3eze Mentor @bitrocker2020