The Daily Curie (13th Oct - 14th Oct 2016)

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Project Curie is a community project run by several Steemit authors. Our mission is to help reward new content creators who are posting all sorts of original content, and give them the exposure that they need. In partnership with @nextgencrypto and other whale accounts, Project Curie aims to provide rewards to these deserving authors whether they are writers, artists, chefs, photographers, videographers, and many others.

In full transparency, you will be able to find a published list every day detailing all the posts that Project Curie has chosen by our curators. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors.

We hope that you will consider following not only this @curie account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also!

Today's Brief Analysis

Today's list polls all posts curated between 13/10 12:00 UTC and 14/10 12:00 UTC. Curie voted on a total of 95 posts by 93 unique authors. As expected, today's numbers are lower than usual to balance out the extra votes from yesterday. SBD 2,245 has been generated for authors thus far, at an average of SBD 24 per post.

@runrudyBuild a BrushBot - Geek Dad Projects57.199 SBD
@akareyonAbalone - a minute to learn, a lifetime to master56.594 SBD
@blinovaDream Sunset. Kata Beach. Own Photographs51.357 SBD
@dashfitEveryone is busy with Halloween, I am getting ready for Million Mask March #Anonymous & Tutorial mask decorating48.011 SBD
@andrew.powerThe "Secret Science"?40.920 SBD
@swedoiseI ain't afraid of no ghost. Or am I?39.903 SBD
@leahmchenry❤️ Original Song: Prisoner (Celtic Folk Metal)37.132 SBD
@paulhallmanOriginal Song and Photos - Paul Hallman - Mountains37.415 SBD
@samstonehillTime-lapse of the week #2 - Beautiful Bali & Taman Petanu Eco Neighbourhood36.298 SBD
@misskHow to Be a Good Sports Parent - From Their Coach.34.703 SBD
@kommienezuspadtAnother crypto-comic character design!31.528 SBD
@morningMy Multilingual Baby29.495 SBD
@nonameslefttouseHaffanower: The Peace Offer28.103 SBD
@futurefoodIn Conversation With a Tomato. How Biotech Can Alter Our Relationship With The Food We Eat.27.990 SBD
@contentkingMy Name Is Human - Highly Suspect Has Blown Me Away!27.154 SBD
@yanfromjdThe Spotlight - Lisa Rose Metz - JoyDancing27.996 SBD
@whiskyloverWhisky as an Investment?26.266 SBD
@yanikFigure girl26.168 SBD
@modernmama"FML, my toddler whines constantly!" - a video to make you think twice about being a stay-at-home mom and tips to avoid loosing your marbles.26.763 SBD
@steemed-openJust Breathe - Especially in the Thick of It26.993 SBD
@okkiedotA colorful night - Landschaftspark Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (part 2)26.175 SBD
@iamwneI Build Cities For Fun & Profit25.267 SBD
@nadin3Dessert art American flag and Russian flag! Десерт арт Американский флаг и Российский флаг!25.136 SBD
@son-of-satireBlood: Oaths and Offerings - An Original Novel - Part 1/Prologue25.718 SBD
@mevilkingdomThis week's summary : Toy photography #6 by @mevilkingdom25.760 SBD
@bitfilmBitfilm of the Day (October 13, 2016): The (Almost) Famous25.554 SBD
@slickwillyCheck Out My Fugoo Boom Box The Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker You Didn't Know You Needed24.474 SBD
@elewarneGlobalization and Art - What is art in an age of diversity and globalization?24.304 SBD
@dburklenVape Chronicles: Episode #1 My vape story. Why I started vaping and the evolution of vape through my eyes24.370 SBD
@gavicraneTime lapse video of me working on this fantasy illustration in my sketchbook24.060 SBD
@ekaterina4kaJacket is Handmade for Daughter by the Birthday. Кофта на День Рождения дочери своими руками.24.202 SBD
@forestwest10 ingredients to power up your breakfast24.211 SBD
@freelancewriterMy Top Picks For The Best PCs24.468 SBD
@kibelaShishkinskye petroglyphs. Ancient rock carvings.24.218 SBD
@whatsupJust show up! Sometimes you have to fail to succeed.23.226 SBD
@tommycordero💋Pushing for adoption one relationship at the time: the Makeup analogy 💄23.881 SBD
@anomalyWhy I Don't Punch Dolphins Anymore (An Original Story, Part 28 - Leaping Faith)23.036 SBD
@therealpaulWhat Do We Have Here? Author not Typing23.850 SBD
@exploretravelerWonderful Wanderlust: 25 Indispensable Travel Tips 1-323.746 SBD
@seansclevernameWhat Are You Doing RIGHT NOW??23.627 SBD
@padreBlack White23.029 SBD
@artbyjessycaIntroducing my Grandma Jann Harmon and her incredible paintings!23.963 SBD
@paper-pecadoMy original draw - Espejito23.153 SBD
@awispaMy art: music CD cover23.706 SBD
@nathanjtaylorIris Ink Drawing w/ Water Color and Digital Color23.490 SBD
@featherhowlart🖕Original Art🖕 - 13102016 - Violence (With Re-Draw Comparison!)23.914 SBD
@exploretravelerTravel Tips that could save your life!23.883 SBD
@alex2016How to make a women bag of genuine leather. Step-by-step tutorial. Part 3. Как сделать женскую сумку из натуральной кожи. Пошаговый туториал. Часть 3.23.611 SBD
@sharingeverybiteHow the Ridiculously Hilarious Johnjay & Rich Radio Show Will Strengthen Your Relationship23.948 SBD
@witchcraftblogMy new recipe: mint syrup.23.731 SBD
@cjclaroOpenMic Night Week 2: She by Elvis Costello23.122 SBD
@richristowLooking for Teaching Jobs in China? Reasons to Not Pick a Megacity23.505 SBD
@antizvukThe lights of distant future.22.999 SBD
@eugeniaLove Story - I LOVE YOU - part222.843 SBD
@strangerarrayDelete the Indelible Part IV22.573 SBD
@trueartAutumn Garden - is my Art Inspiration (Part 1)22.410 SBD
@cynetycRomanian pickle recipe22.076 SBD
@everittdmickeyTEOTWAWKI (An Original Novel - Chapter 37 )22.649 SBD
@mcsviLife Is Small In The Jungle - Let's Celebrate It22.844 SBD
@ethanjamesMore ORIGINAL poetry. @ethanjames as author.21.716 SBD
@woman-onthe-wingNatural Beauty Using Natural Ingredients - #2 Homemade Nourishing Hair Rinse (to replace shampoo)21.423 SBD
@dr0tclThe Console Conundrum21.229 SBD
@unhorsepower777The Legend of the Horse (Original translation of Filipino fiction)21.168 SBD
@lloyddavisI'm Crazy 'bout My Baby (Waller/Hill) 1931 (cover)21.034 SBD
@bvltvaUncharted Expectations: Part 2 (Original Story-Romance/Fantasy)21.813 SBD
@loveonUnhappy? Fighting with Loved Ones? Feeling Unfulfilled? Need Direction? Need Validation and a Fresh Perspective? Try Symbols!21.890 SBD
@beginningtoendPoetry Slam Challenge #6 / When Grandmother Died21.067 SBD
@snoowayA tale of three teachers20.211 SBD
@scaredycatguideScaredyCatGuide to Real Estate Investing – Part XII – The Estoppel Letter20.877 SBD
@tinalyngeBlue Phoenix - Chapter 34: An Unlikely Opponent20.283 SBD
@harandThe old mans cottage20.840 SBD
@martin-stuessyHow to Connect Your Telegram Group to Your IRC Server19.650 SBD
@avantmidiEarl Nightingale's most important lesson: Think, Serve, Succeed19.698 SBD
@michelle.gentDeadlier Than The Male - excerpt exclusive for Steemit19.404 SBD
@tanyabtcGriffin19.049 SBD
@ghostfishThe Dream of Illustrating and Writing a Children's Book19.385 SBD
@verbal-dPoetry Slam Challenge # 6 Sky's The Limit Entry: Invaluable Investment18.310 SBD
@coolbeansOur Chili Cook-Off Extravaganza!18.000 SBD
@mgaft1The Ritual18.897 SBD
@thefinalgirlOriginal Work: You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home, Chapter 5, Part 418.640 SBD
@surfermarlyTravel photograph story: Island of FUERTEVENTURA - The coolest desert on Earth!18.630 SBD
@lightsplasherIn Search of Heron Pictures18.280 SBD
@keuudeipThe wanderer in three sea… The epitome of a true wanderers17.748 SBD
@timbot606Tyrant - an original poem17.603 SBD
@razaakTutorial 5: Streams & String Manipulation//Bonus: Search & Replace program Example!//Learn by doing17.513 SBD
@aubergedulisSpring is coming...12.864 SBD
@freeradical2Robots "won't give a fourpenny fuck about the temperature."9.239 SBD
@jenkinrocketJapanese 101 - Lesson 09.416 SBD

Note: All author rewards from this post will be used to fund Project Curie.
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I am listed :-) That makes me to continue next episode.

Thank you so much @curie I feel super special!

My first post after introduction and I am on the list!

That made my day 😀😋

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Continue the awesome job :) You too, have a great weekend!

Thank you, have a lovely weekend too!

When can I get in this list ??? Actually it's easy or difficult to achieve results like these?

Thanks Curie!

very good job, another great job of selection @ curie, excellent authors chosen congratulations to all nominees

Thanks again @curie! A great encouragement to steem on!

Thanks @curie, if it is not too taboo here is the conclusion to the my story you shared.

I'm very exited and appreciated, will continue to share my world, thanks @curie!

I made the list again? This is fantastic news. Thank you to everyone involved. Please keep up the good work.

Great work @curie team, congratulations to all the selected posts.

Yay made the list again. Thank you @curie twice in my first week I'm excited to continue posting quality content

Yo.... Wonderful work continues, thanks @curie.

🏅This is how Bob Dylan must feel 🏅

Thanks for the vote and the shout. It's always nice to wake up to a curie vote.

Um, wow. I am on this list..... =)

Third time you guys have helped me now. I owe all of my progress to you. Thank a lot and keep up the good work.

We wish we can help more - thanks for dropping by! Continue making better content and formats!

Curie is a cool project, I'm just learning about it. Take a look at @handsolo, he's created some wonderful posts and has gotten very small if any rewards.

Thanks @natureofbeing for the heads up, we'll look into it :)

Great to see all those names again! I really love this project!

Yay, thank you!

Nice thanks friend

I wish they will recognize my Arts and Crafts

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